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Looking for office space near Antwerp? Then be sure to check out our offerings in Brasschaat. This place is located directly above Antwerp and offers excellent opportunities to work with Antwerp or Dutch companies!

Why rent in Brasschaat?

If you want an office in Brasschaat it can be interesting to live here as well. After all, Brasschaat was declared the most pleasant community of the world in 2006! Of course, economically Brasschaat also has something to offer.

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Office space Brasschaat

Office space Brasschaat

Popular office areas

Brasschaat has a large military past, a lot of which is still visible in the city. There still is a fort, an antitank canal and the Camp van Brasschaat / Campus Coppens. Would you like to establish yourself on a unique business park? The Kamp van Brasschaat has turned into a real business park! A nice location to establish your company.

This business park consists of 3 different parts. Part 1 is mainly aimed at office services with a corresponding transferium, part 2 is a business zone, intended for companies that need a storage space, and part 3 is a green loading and unloading area.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

The municipality wants its companies to have all necessary room to continue to grow. In addition to the fact that the municipality is very involved in business, companies have a close relationship among one another through an association that companies can join.

Location and accessibility

As previously stated, Brasschaat has a good location. Namely, just above Antwerp and close to the border with the Netherlands. Brasschaat is easy to reach via the N1 that runs straight through the municipality. If you want to travel within the municipality it is possible to use a neighborhood bus line.

Rental prices

The rent per m² is on average set at € 250, -

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