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Looking for an affordable office near Brussels? A number of office spaces are still vacant in Dilbeek! Act quickly because the good location, in combination with the favorable price and the quiet environment, is what makes office spaces in Dilbeek very popular.

Why rent in Dilbeek?

As mentioned earlier, Dilbeek has a very good location. Dilbeek is located directly on the way to Brussels. The distance between Dilbeek center and Brussels center is only 6 km! A perfect location to establish your business.

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Office space Dilbeek

Office space Dilbeek

Popular office areas

In neighboring Bijgaarden there is a large business park where many companies are located. A large section of this will be added to this business park in the future, where 35 new business spaces will be developed.

If you want to rent in Dilbeek this is also possible. In the center of Dilbeek a number of office spaces are available which are ideal for service companies.

Dilbeek has a union which entrepreneurs can join. The so-called DUO (Dilbeek Union of Entrepreneurs). Here entrepreneurs from the Dilbeek region come together to create a platform where knowledge and experience are exchanged among members.


As mentioned before, Dilbeek has an excellent location. You are a 6 km distance from the center of Brussels and at 15 km distance is Zaventem Airport. The ideal location for your company if you have many international connections.

The prices for rent vary. On average you can already have an office space from € 100.- per m².

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