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Want to rent office space near one of the most important cities in Belgium? Then take a look at Edegem. All the advantages of renting in the center of a big city without the high costs!

Why rent in Edegem?

The reason that Edegem is interesting for companies is because it is very close to Antwerp. As the crow flies, Edegem is located about 7.5 km from the center of Antwerp. All the benefits of an office in the big city are within reach, without the need for high costs.

Popular office areas

Something that is quite unique about Edegem is the fact that there is a business park in the center of Edegem. This business park is called Mortsel-Vredebaan and can accommodate many companies.

If you do not want to establish yourself in an industrial area, Edegem offers office spaces outside this business park.

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Office space for rent in Edegem

Office space for rent in Edegem

Advantages for entrepreneurs

Edegem takes good care of the companies that want to do business in Edegem. For example, entrepreneurs can turn to the local economy service. Through this channel it is possible, for example, to promote your company through the municipality.

Another advantage for companies is of course the favorable location of Edegem. Together with this favorable location comes a favorable price per m². On average, a company pays € 120.- per m².

Edegem also has excellent accessibility. Because of the various highways, Edegem is easy to reach and you can travel quickly to Antwerp. In terms of public transport, a bus line runs through Edegem and the surrounding area and trains run from Hove station to Antwerp and Brussels.

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