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When you are looking for office space in a quiet part of Flanders, but still want to be close to the big cities, Hoeilaart is an option. Hoeilaart is located on the outskirts of Brussels, on the border of Flanders and Wallonia.

Why rent in Hoeilaart?

When we consider the big advantage of Hoeilaart, the Hoeilaart surroundings are certainly a plus. Hoeilaart is located in a wooded area which gives the municipality a rustic atmosphere.

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To ensure that this rustic look will not be lost, there is no business or industrial area located in Hoeilaart. The offices in Hoeilaart are mainly situated in the city center. Some offices are located in a wooded environment.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

As mentioned before, the biggest advantage for entrepreneurs is the rustic look of Hoeilaart. Yet you can be in the center of Brussels within 15 minutes. Brussels is located at a distance of 12 km!

That is why companies like to be in Hoeilaart. Renting space is already possible from € 3.000, - per month. Of course this is an average so your office space can have a very different price. It all depends on size, location and services.

In terms of accessibility, there are several national highways running through Hoeilaart that have a connection with Brussels and the rest of Belgium. Public transport is also well organized in the city. There is a train that has a connection with Brussels and Ottignies. Furthermore, a bus line runs through Hoeilaart and its surrounding areas.

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