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Looking for office space between Brussels and Zaventem airport? Sint-Stevens-Woluwe can offer this unique location to you! The location is therefore also the largest USP of the village. Yet that is not the only reason why renting in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is interesting. Read here why this village is the dream location for your company!

Why rent in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe?

When you rent an office in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, you will be assured of a convenient location near Brussels. Sint-Pieters-Leeuw is located in the Brussels city limits and is a part of Zaventem. Office prices are lower here than offices in Brussels itself, while an office in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is just as easily accessible. Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is a sport minded municipality: here you will find the sports clubs of Zaventem.

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Office space Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Office space for rent in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Popular office areas

Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is a small municipality and does not have one specific office area. Yet there are plenty of locations where it is interesting for companies to settle. For example, a convenient location is on the right side of the R22. This area provides easy access to all major roads to Brussels and the airport. Important roads are the E40, N2 and the A3.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

The location of an office in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is one of the many advantages of this municipality. In addition, rents are lower than in the capital itself. Sint-Stevens-Woluwe has a wide range of different types of offices. That is why as an entrepreneur, you can always go to this municipality.


Sint-Stevens-Woluwe has a strategic location between Zaventem and Brussels. The A3, E40 and N2 are just a stone’s throw away. Via these roads you can easily travel to Brussels, Zaventem, Antwerp, Charleroi and Leuven. From Brussels North Station, Schaarbeek Station or from Brussels Airport - Zaventem Station, you can travel to Sint Stevens-Woluwe in half an hour by bus.

Rental prices

Sint-Stevens-Woluwe has a wide range of offices of all types with different surface areas and prices. It is possible to rent conventionally or to rent space in a business center. Prices for a business center are around € 1,000 per month.

De municipality of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

Accessibility of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe

An office in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe is easy to travel to from all over the country, by car or by public transport. Public transport mainly provides a good connection with the stations Brussels-North, Schaarbeek and Zaventem. By car you can reach the center of Brussels and Zaventem in 20 and 10 minutes.

Transportation in the municipality

Buses run in the center of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe. Furthermore, the municipality is not that big so everything is also accessible on foot. The buses from Brussels, Schaarbeek and Zaventem also stop in the city center. There are many bus stations at the N2 and the R22, because many companies are located here.