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Looking for office space near an airport and a big city, for a good price? Steenokkerzeel is the ideal municipality for your company!

Why rent in Steenokkerzeel?

The great advantage of the Steenokkerzeel is its convenient location: a part of Brussels Zaventem Airport is located in Steenokkerzeel. The largest part of the people who live in Steenokkerzeel are therefore active at this airport. The big city that is a few minutes away is off course Brussels.

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Popular office areas

Because Steenokkerzeel has a perfect location in relation to the airport and the capital, there is also a large business park here. This site is Business Park Steen III in Melsbroek. The site has a total surface of 35,000 m² and therefore offers enough space for your business to grow. In this area there are car showrooms, service companies and other business premises. There is something for any company here!

About Steenokkerzeel

Advantages for entrepreneurs

Steenokkerzeel is the perfect municipality for companies and also tries to create the ideal environment for its entrepreneurs.


The location has been discussed a couple of times but it is such a big plus for the municipality that it is discussed again. This ideal location in relation to Brussels and its airport offers companies many opportunities.

Rental prices

On average you pay € 3,000.- per person for an office / business park on the edge of the airport.

Support from the municipality

The municipality supports companies on various aspects. The different ways in which the municipality supports companies are:

  • Professional card for foreigners. This you will need in order to be able to trade in Steenokkerzeel.
  • A social home where you can go with all your questions concerning accommodation of your company, your home and other social services.
  • A trade guide is which all companies are listed. This can be good for your name recognition.
  • An overview of all permits and security in Steenokkerzeel.


The national highway N21 runs straight through Steenokkerzeel. Via this road there is a direct connection to the center of Brussels. When you travel to Antwerp, you can use the E19. Furthermore, through Steenokkerzeel runs a bus line that takes you through the entire municipality and towards Brussels.