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If you are looking for office space near Brussels and the largest Belgian airport, Vilvoorde offers many possibilities. Due to the short distances between the different locations, Vilvoorde is a true A location for companies. Curious about what Vilvoorde has to offer? Read on!

Why rent in Vilvoorde?

If you rent an office in Vilvoorde, you can be sure that your office has a favorable location. Vilvoorde is located inside the Brussels city limits, in the province of Flemish Brabant. Office prices here are cheaper than closer to the city. In addition, Vilvoorde is on the route to Antwerp and not far from Brussels Airport Zaventem.

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Offices in Vilvoorde

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Popular office areas

Vilvoorde is a suburb of Brussels and has traditionally been an industrial city. You mostly find IT companies in the municipality. Vilvoorde has seven business parks. To the north are the business parks Cargovil and Mechelsesteenweg. A total of 84 companies are located here. In the center you will find business park Centrale with 44 companies. In the west are Mima and Cross Point with a total of 80 companies. In the south of Vilvoorde there are two business parks called Business & Media Park and Broek. More than 200 companies are located here. Broek is the old industrial district of Vilvoorde.

About Vilvoorde

Advantages for entrepreneurs

If you have a technical or e-commerce company, Vilvoorde is a suitable location for your company. Since Vilvoorde is a municipality with a lot of IT capacity and already many existing IT companies. The many business parks offer luxurious facilities for you as an entrepreneur. Moreover, the location near Brussels is very favorable.


Vilvoorde is located north of Brussels. The E19 in the directions of Brussels and Antwerp is right next to the municipality. The villages of Grimbergen and Zaventem border on Vilvoorde. Brussels Airport is therefore also easily accessible from Vilvoorde.

Rental prices

Vilvoorde is a luxury municipality in terms of business location. There are luxurious facilities, such as extensive business centers, gyms, coffee shops and day care centers. Renting a space in a business center starts at € 400 per month.

The municipality Vilvoorde

Accessibility of Vilvoorde

An office in Vilvoorde is easily accessible from both Antwerp and Brussels. Ghent and Leuven are also within easy reach. Vilvoorde has a train station in the center of the city. From here, trains depart in the direction of Antwerp, Brussels and Mechelen. Brussels is a fifteen-minute journey from Vilvoorde. By car you reach Brussels, Leuven and Antwerp in half an hour.

Transportation within the city

Bus lines run in Vilvoorde itself. Especially in the various business parks, regular public transport operates at a rapid pace. For example, bus 282 travels to Broek business park in 5 minutes.