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When you are looking for a low budget location but still want to be in a good location, Wommelgem near Antwerp is a suitable location.

Why rent in Wommelgem?

Economically, Wommelgem is an attractive location for companies. This is partly because the Albert Canal runs through the municipality. With this it is connected to the port of Antwerp.

All municipalities adjacent to the Albert Canal are affiliated with the Albert Canal Economic Network. This has been done to create an economically strong region and to be able to handle the economic growth in a structured way.

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Offices in Wommelgem

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Popular office areas

Within Wommelgem there are two industrial areas where several companies are located. These areas are called Jacobsveld and Terstraten. In these areas there are suppliers such as Testas N.V. and Scanfor bvba. The head office of Hubo is located on the Terstraten industrial area, along Advantages for entrepreneurs and publisher VAN IN. In this same area there are some office buildings that still have room available for companies that are still looking for a space.

Advantages for entrepreneurs

Location and accessibility

Wommelgem, as mentioned earlier, is located on the Albert Canal which has a direct connection with the port of Antwerp. The distance between Antwerp and Wommelgem is very little (9 km).

If you would like to travel by car, Wommelgem can be easily reached via the E313 or the N116. The E313 has a direct connection with the belt way of Antwerp. If you prefer to travel by public transport, you can use the bus line that runs through Wommelgem and surrounding areas.

Rental prices

In Wommelgem many different types of offices are available in different price ranges. For example, office units are available from € 100.- p/m but can go as high as € 800.- p/m or higher for bigger office spaces.