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We realize that determining the price of your office space is not that simple, we know it also has to do with market conditions and "type" of deal. That is why we have developed an algorithm that calculates a custom price based on the visitor's search query and your average price. The rates for the business centers will be converted to the rates per workstation, so there is no distortion on the website.

Important to know when filling out your pricing details: 

Gebruik de gemiddelde prijs per 500 m² voor een 5-jarig huurcontract (dus NIET de prijs per m²), zonder parkeerkosten en servicekosten, ook als het gebouw (momenteel) geen 500 m² beschikbaar heeft. Hierbij maakt het niet uit of je een conventionele ruimte aanbiedt of een full-service ruimte. 

Use the average price per 500 m² for a 5-year lease (so NOT the price per m²) without parking and service charges, even if the building does not (currently) have 500 m². It does not matter whether you are offering a conventional space or a full-service space.  

  • Example 1: If you have 100 sq. ft. of space available, take that total price and multiply it by 5 to get the shadow price per 500 m². 

  • Example 2: If you have 600 m² on the 2nd floor and 400 m² on the 10th floor - which is more expensive - add that to the total price of the 1000 m². and divide by 2. This gives you the weighted average for 500 m².  

  • Example 3: If you have a business center, you can divide the total number of m² in the business center by the total number of workstations in the business center (to obtain an average m² per workstation, as the common spaces are also part of the office). Then, take 500 m² and divide it by the average m² per workstation you obtained previously. This gives you an x-number of workstations per 500 m². Finally, you can multiply this by the price per workstation for a multi-year lease.  

On the website, visitors will eventually see an adjusted price according to the number of square meters they are looking for. We will inform them that this is only an indication of the price and cannot be used in negotiations.  

Click on the button above to access the form with your listing(s) and fill in the price field. All your offices are included in this form. All you have to do is fill in the average price for 500 m² and click submit.    

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact your broker.  

Thank you for your cooperation!