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Why Mechelen

Why rent in Mechelen?

Mechelen is a beautiful city to rent your office! In the historic center you will find a range of good restaurants, shops and hotels. Are you looking for an office in a smaller city than Antwerp or Brussels? Then Mechelen is an excellent option. Furthermore, Belgium’s airports are less than an hour away.

There is also a fairly unique development going on in the city. The inhabitants are becoming increasingly younger. A good development for entrepreneurs. This will make it easier to find staff. Moreover, Mechelen lies between Antwerp and Brussels, where there are several colleges and universities. As a result, there is a wide range of highly educated students and graduates in Mechelen.

Favorable rental prices

The rental prices for office space in Mechelen vary greatly. For example, it is possible to rent space starting at about 120 euros per square meter per year. This while the higher rents can rise to above 200, - euro.

The municipality will be there for you as well!

The municipality of Mechelen is very active for entrepreneurs. It tries to create a favorable business climate for entrepreneurs and their businesses. This encourages growth and innovation. Companies are encouraged to grow, innovate and develop further, through the use of grants. In addition to these national initiatives, the municipality of Mechelen is making an extra effort for its entrepreneurs. This is how MEST (Mechelen starters) came about, in order to support starting entrepreneurs in their development.

The municipality also uses four pillars to ensure a dynamic and attractive city, namely; accessibility, inner city development, experience and communication to visitors.

The municipality is doing well. Where there were only 2770 companies in Mechelen in 2000, that number has increased to 3308 in 2015. This growth will only continue.

Areas with offices

There are several popular areas in Mechelen where you can rent office space. Of course the center of the city is always popular, but Mechelen Noord is perhaps the most popular area to establish a business and to rent an office. The many new construction projects are extremely popular!

Office spaces in Mechelen

Types of office space

Different kinds of office space in Mechelen

The range of available offices in Mechelen is as you would expect from a real metropolis: very diverse. Whether you are looking for a whole building for a large company / multinational or a flexible workplace in the center of Mechelen: we are happy to help you find the most suitable office space. You can choose from a variety of offices in Mechelen. For example, there are conventional (office buildings or floors) offices, office space in a business center / multi-company building or single work places in co-working spaces.

There is also a strong variation in the delivery level and the services offered in these offices and workplaces. Where the choice in smaller cities is generally more limited, landlords in Mechelen offer the most extensive options.

About Mechelen

The city of Mechelen

Location and accessibility

The city of Mechelen is located in the province of Flanders. With its location between Antwerp and Brussels, the city enjoys a unique position and enjoys the ease of traveling to and from these two major cities or to receive business relations / customers. Both with public transport and private transport! If you rent office space in Mechelen, you have two large metropolises in the vicinity and all the benefits that come with it.

Delivery levels 

  • Shell: a very bare office where a lot still needs to be done 
  • Fully (high-end) completed: Can be occupied immediately after furnishing
  • Plug & Play (furnished): Fully furnished and ready to be used right away

Service levels

  • Conventional: no service offered, you manage everything yourself 
  • Multi company building: a limited amount of services and spaces are shared 
  • Business center or office concept and co-working space: full service concepts with two choices, fully serviced and all-inclusive or pay “as you go” for the services that you use. 


Do you opt for an office space with many services? In most cases you can expect the following: 

  • Lunch
  • Meeting room(s)
  • Reception desk
  • Phone and e-mail service
  • Internet
  • Postal service
  • Copy and print
  • Sports facilities
  • Dry cleaning
  • Day care
  • Shoemaker
  • Et cetera