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Main coworking statistics you need to know in 2022
Full guide to coworking: statistics, trends, future, market size, COVID-19 impact, demographics, and so on. 
IFRS 16 (Lease Accounting) Lease of office space as a service contract
The abbreviation IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. These are accounting standards that have been developed by the I.A.S.B. (International Accounting Standards Board).
Sublet your office space in 5 easy steps!
Do you have too much office space? What do you do in such a case? Sublet your office space!
How much meeting space do I need for my business?
In an ideal world, there would always be a meeting room available, in case a few of your employees wanted to discuss something with each other or with outside parties. However, in practice it is far from ideal.
How many square meters do you need for your next office space?
Are you looking for an office for your company? Then there are several aspects to take into account. Think of the price, location, facilities, services and of course the number of square meters. Looking to know how many square meters of office space you need? Read this blog.
Rent indexation of office space: what is it and how is it applied?
Nobody is waiting for it, but you know you can't get around it: the annual rent increase for your office space. The lease contract of almost every office contains stipulations about the annual rent indexation.
VAT tax when renting an office space
Which taxes apply to office space when renting an office space in The Netherlands? Which costs are deductible? What about VAT-free renting? If you are going to rent an office space, these questions will come up. We will answer them for you in this blog article!
What is Gross Floor Area (GFA) and what is Lettable Floor Space (LFS)?
The square meter is a very important aspect in the office market. But when we talk about square meters, do we all mean the same thing? The answer is probably no.
Obligatory energy label C for offices
By 2023, according to the goals in the Energy Agreement, every office must meet energy label C. This means that offices with a lower energy label, i.e. D through G, must make adjustments.
Office maintenance: who is responsible? Tenant or landlord?
When you rent office space, as an entrepreneur you have certain obligations when it comes to maintenance. This also applies to the lessor. Minor maintenance is often the responsibility of the tenant. Major maintenance work is the landlord's responsibility.
How many toilets per employee?
How many toilets per employee? The question you probably don't face often. But now that you are actually looking for a new office, this is an important part.
What is a satellite office? 4 reasons to rent a satellite office!
What is a satellite office? A satellite office can be thought of as a dependence or also called a branch office. Learn more here.