Network Circle is renting 1250m2 in Amsterdam city center!
We are very proud to have assisted The Network Circle / Workdistrict Netherlands with their beautiful single tenant office space of 1.250m2 in the center of Amsterdam. has helped Fashion Cloud find their new office!
We are happy to have assisted Fashion Cloud find their 350m2 office in Amsterdam.
Kamet Ventures has found its next office with us!
We are happy to have assisted Kamet Ventures find their 170m2 new office in the beautiful city of Paris!
Face The Public has found their new office with us!
We are very proud to have assisted Face the Public find their 270m2 office in Utrecht.
RENTED OUT -21 workstations- 8 Rue des Pirogues de Bercy, Paris
We would like to congratulate Aquaverse on their beautiful new office in Paris!
Bluewave Recruitment & Talent Reveal rent 850m2 together at Overschiestraat 61 in Amsterdam
Bluewave Recruitment Marketing & Reveal have found their new office with us!
Flowtec Solutions B.V. has found their new office with us!
We are very proud to have assisted Flowtec Solutions B.V. in finding their fully serviced office close to Rotterdam
What will the future of La Défense be after Covid-19?
The lockdown and health measures accompanying the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the 180,000-employee La Défense business district overnight. That was in March 2020. Since then, La Défense has continued to transform under the impact of the health crisis, with countless implications for the way work is done in companies.
ScaleHub Offices has found their next office with us in Utrecht!
We are happy to have assisted ScaleHub Offices find a location for their first business center in Utrecht
300% increase in office space demand as lockdown restrictions end across continental Europe
AMSTERDAM/PARIS - As COVID-19 measurements and national lockdown restrictions gradually come to an end, registers a 300% spike in new office space inquiries across the continental European region.
What has changed in our office after the end of the 1.5m.
For eighteen months, we had to respect the 1.5 meters and therefore adapt our office spaces. We can gradually start to look ahead to the office situation after the one-and-a-half-meter society, but what does that mean for our offices?
Invest in sustainable office space
Improve the world and start with your office! Sustainability within the company and office is hot topic and has multiple benefits. In this blog you will read all about it, plus tips to achieve a sustainable office building.