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Accessibility in the workplace
Ensuring your office is wheelchair accessible is essential to be an inclusive employer and grant everybody equal opportunities. Read along and explore the key aspects to pay attention to for an inclusive and accessible workplace.  
Landlords' guide to a successful office refurbishment
Discover not only why refurbishing your office space will benefit you, but also which aspects of renovation you should focus on. By paying attention to these key aspects, you'll attract tenants to your property in no time! 
The benefits of green roofs on office space environments
Are you in the market for a new office space for rent? Consider the benefits of choosing a building with a green roof!
The EURO 2024 effect: why establish your business in Germany?
As the highly anticipated UEFA EURO 2024 football championship approaches, Germany is getting ready for this monumental event. Beyond the excitement of the games, the aftermath promises a multitude of opportunities and advantages for businesses considering relocation or establishment in Germany's main cities.  
Igen's expansion journey at John M. Keynesplein 1-27 in Amsterdam Riekerpolder extends its congratulations to igen on the successful acquisition of 1000 m2 John M. Keynesplein 1-27, in Amsterdam Riekerpolder!
The importance of natural light in the office space
Discover the process of selecting the right office space to harness the benefits of natural light, from strategic location choices to thoughtful design considerations. helps 7 companies settle into HOFF's new offices in Tower Ten extends its heartfelt congratulations to the seven companies that, with the guidance of our experts, successfully secured office space at HOFF's latest address in Strawinskylaan 257.
How can the right office space solution contribute to reducing business costs?
One significant aspect impacting operational expenses is office space. Read along and discover the ideal office space solution in line with your company's financial goals!
A new office and showroom for Officelab in Amsterdam Zuidas! extends its congratulations to Officelab on the successful acquisition of 150 m2 at Zuidplein 26, located within the World Trade Center Tower in Amsterdam Zuidas! 
Sublet your office space in 5 steps!
From cost savings to enhanced flexibility, increased revenue streams, and expanded networking opportunities: these are just a few of the reasons why more and more companies are deciding to sublet their surplus office space.
Looking for office space? Consider a sublet!
Are you looking for office space rentals, but you don't want to be tied to a long-term contract? Discover why a sublease is the perfect option for your company!
Paris 2024: secure your temporary office space
Explore all the short-term rental options available in Paris for this summer and position your company at the heart of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!