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Invest in sustainable office space
Improve the world and start with your office! Sustainability within the company and office is hot topic and has multiple benefits. In this blog you will read all about it, plus tips to achieve a sustainable office building.
Obligatory energy label C for offices
By 2023, according to the goals in the Energy Agreement, every office must meet energy label C. This means that offices with a lower energy label, i.e. D through G, must make adjustments.
VAT tax when renting an office space
Which taxes apply to office space when renting an office space in The Netherlands? Which costs are deductible? What about VAT-free renting? If you are going to rent an office space, these questions will come up. We will answer them for you in this blog article!
6 elements to consider when choosing an office space, comparing Serviced office vs. Conventional office.
With the Covid-19 pandemic, there is an accelerate demand for serviced workspaces as companies increasingly value flexibility. In this blog you can read 6 elements to consider when choosing an office space, comparing Serviced office vs. Conventional office.
Outstanding Office Space: Luchthavenweg 81
Winning the Outstanding Office Space Award is something landlords are eager to do. More and more landlords are trying to collect as many reviews as possible to win this prestigious award. This office at the Luchthavenweg 81 in Eindhoven has won this award with 6 reviews!
This was 2019 for
A year that's flown by again. A year in which we have made steps in Europe once again. We are making a name for ourselves abroad and that is certainly shown in the number of deals.
Is working in a hybrid office the future?
Currently, vaccinating is going fast and infections are declining. Therefore, companies are thinking about how they will set up the office in the post-COVID world. One term you're probably hearing more and more is a hybrid office. In this blog you'll read all about it and if it is the future of offices.
Advantages of an online office space broker
When you are looking for an office or office space, there are several ways you can approach it. You can search for offices yourself or you can engage an expert to make the process easier. Are you considering using an office space broker, such as In this blog we list all the advantages of an online office space agent.
Looking for a cheaper office space? Consider a sublet!
Looking for an office but your budget is limited or you don't want to be tied to a long-term contract? Subletting is a common and accessible practice, especially in large cities. In this article, discover what you need to know before subletting an office.
What is the big companies’ vision of their post-COVID office?
The coronavirus is changing a lot in our lives. Not only is social interaction being hit hard, but the way we work is changing rapidly.