Outstanding Office Space Award

At Flexas, we recognize and celebrate outstanding workplaces! Get the chance to show how excellent your office and the services provided are by winning the Outstanding Office Space Award.
Award winner
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How do I get the award?

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"Encourage your current and potential tenants to leave a review of your office through your listing on Flexas.com."

Monthly winners

"We select the monthly Outstanding Office Space winners based on the quality of the office and the online listing, and the number of positive reviews."

Award, widget & more!

"Receive your award and widget. Display them in your office and on your website to stand out and get a positive image for your office."

Win each year!

"Keep receiving good reviews for a chance to win the award each year!"

Making the most out of my award

The award
Once you are awarded the prize, you can display it in your office, for example at the reception desk. This way, visitors (including potential tenants) can immediately see that you have a first-class office and service.
The widget
The Office Space Award Widget is specially made for promotion on your website. You can place it on any page of your website. to increase conversion. Link the widget to your own office on Flexas.com and your visitors can read the reviews there.
The exposure
You will benefit from an increased exposure with your listing ranking higher on the Flexas.com website as well as an "Outstanding Office" label on your listing.
Why gather reviews?
award widget
Why reviews matter
Customer feedback on your workspace is the perfect combination to improve the customer experience and generate more leads for you.
Online behavior is hugely influenced by reviews because they are confirmation that a product or service is good or not.
Reviews of your office on Flexas.com can bring you a higher ranking on Flexas.com, greater trust from visitors, more leads and the opportunity to win the award!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do in order to receive the award?

There are several things you can take care of to increase your chances of winning the Oustanding Office Space Award. Of course, your office should be a unique, welcoming, and comfortable space for your tenants and visitors. Second, make sure you collect enough positive customer reviews of your listing on Flexas.com in the same year (only this year's reviews will count toward this year's awards). Finally, the exceptional quality of your space should be reflected in your listing on our website, so make sure to provide us with up-to-date photos, videos and floorplans!​ 

How does the widget work?

The Widget is delivered ready-to-use in HTML code by the Flexas.com team. Once the code is implemented on the website it will work immediately.  If you need any help with this part, we will be happy to guide you! The widget contains a link to your office so that the visitor is given the opportunity to read the reviews themselves. As a bonus, the widget includes a general city link in order to maximize value.

Who can leave a review of my office?

Of course, your current tenants can leave a comment reflecting the quality of your space. Additionally, potential tenants or visitors may leave a review if they have seen the office or been in contact with you.

How can I improve the quality of my listing?

The presentation of your office on Flexas.com is very important for you to win the prize. To improve it, you must provide us with at least 6 good quality, up-to-date photos of your office. If you have already done so, send us a video and floor plans of the space to increase your chances of winning!

Can I win the award multiple times?

Yes! You can win the Outstanding Office Space Award several years in a row. Remember, reviews only count for the current year. So you need to keep getting good reviews to have a chance to win the award every year!

Can the widget be customized to the colors of my company?

Of course! Simply let us know that you want a custom branded widget and we will send it to you in your color and logo.