Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions.


About renting out office spaces

I have an exclusive mandate with another broker/real estate agent, is it still possible to promote my office space as a listing on

Generally speaking, yes. This depends if, for example, there is a special clause for self-generated leads in the current contract. You should discuss this with your agent.

Will be present at the viewings of my office space?

No, we are not. We strongly believe that it is better and more efficient when the viewing is done by the owner or operator that rents out the office space. You know everything about the property and can answer all questions directly. Of course, we will be just a phone call away and both parties can ask us for advice and guidance.

Do I have to log in on to update my listings?

No, we do all the content for you and update the information when necessary!

What does it cost to rent out my office space via

We charge a 10% commission over the first-year rent excl. service costs and taxes. We only charge our commission after the rental agreement is signed.

What are the costs of the services of

We charge a 10% commission over the first-year rent excl. service costs and taxes. We only charge our commission after the rental agreement is signed.

Are there start-ups costs included or a monthly fee I have to pay for my listing on

No, we work on a no cure no pay principle. Adding your listing to our website is free of charge. Only when we find you a new tenant, we ask 10% commission over the yearly rent.

Frequently Asked Questions.


About renting out office spaces

What are the costs of the services of

The service of, the assistance in finding a suitable office space for rent, is 100% free! You may even pay less for an office if you rent via Because of our experience, we know exactly what an office should cost and can advise you on the right price. In addition, landlords know that you are using our services and will be looking at other office spaces. So, his price should be sharp.

How does our free service work?

You can use in two ways. 

You fill in a contact form or immediately contact us. We will ask questions to find out what your needs are and what the approximate budget is. Based on your needs and budget we will send you a selection of the most suitable offices. When you find some interesting options in this selection, can schedule a visit to view one or more of the preferred offices. 

You can also use our website as a guidance on the supply of offices in a city of your choice. It is possible to select offices and compare them. Did you find interesting offices? Then fill in an enquiry or call one of our real estate professionals. They will gladly help you and bring schedule a visit at the offices you selected.

Is also present during an office viewing?

No, will not be present during viewings. The office tour is being done by the owner of the office since he or she knows most about the office. We serve as a source of information and can assist you to make the best choice.

There are no rental prices on, why is that?

Rental prices of an office are based on several factors. It is therefore not possible to show a fixed price. A rental price depends on the rental period, the start date, the number of people / square meters, facilities, services, and whether you choose a bare or furnished office.

What are the differences between certain offices?

There is not one type of office. The differences are mainly in services and whether you go for a fully furnished office or not. Some offices are bare, while others are beautifully decorated and modern. There are offices with a reception and additional services.

With who do I sign the rental agreement?

The rental agreement is will be signed by the tenant and the landlord (owner). is not involved during this process. But you can always ask us for help or advice.

What is the role of is an online platform where supply and demand for offices comes together. Based on your criteria we put together a selection of the most suitable office spaces. It's our mission to make your search for a new office as smoothly and efficiently as possible. After you've viewed our selection it's time to schedule the actual viewing of the preferred offices. 

Is it possible to visit multiple offices during one day?

Yes, it is actually recommended to view multiple offices in one day. Then you will get a good impression of the different options and prices. We like to efficiently schedule the visits because it will save you time.

Is it possible to sign a flexible contract or a short-term rental contract?

Yes, it has even become very common. Long-term contracts are being replaced more and more by short or flexible rental contracts. Our Real Estate Professionals can tell you exactly for which offices it is possible to sign flexible or short contracts!

Who is offering office space on 

The parties offering office space on are divided into two groups: owners and operators. The owners are the landlord of a specific office space. Operators rent the office from the owner, they facilitate their own concept and services. These are often business centers or coworking spaces. Both concepts have become very popular nowadays.

Is the owner or landlord of office space?

No, is just an online platform with office spaces, where you can find the most suitable office space. After we've put together a selection of the best offices for your company, we will schedule a viewing with the actual owners or operators.