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Frequently asked questions.

What are the costs of the services of offers a completely free service to assist you in finding the perfect office space for rent. In fact, renting through may even result in a lower cost for your office. Leveraging our extensive experience, we can provide guidance on the appropriate pricing for an office. Moreover, landlords are aware that you are utilizing our services and exploring other office spaces, encouraging them to offer competitive pricing. 

How does free service work? offers two convenient ways to utilize our services. Whether you choose to fill in a contact form or contact us directly, we'll inquire about your specific needs and approximate budget. Based on this information, we'll send you a curated selection of the most suitable offices. Once you identify appealing options, you can schedule visits to view one or more of the preferred offices. Alternatively, you can use our website as a guide to explore the available offices in a city of your choice, selecting and comparing them. If you find offices of interest, simply fill in an enquiry form or call one of our real estate professionals, who will gladly assist you and help schedule visits to the offices you've chosen.

Is also present during an office viewing?

Yes, in most cases it is, but it depends on the situation. It varies per building, landlord and location. This is because we strongly believe in the combination of online and offline. Our goal is to put you in direct contact with the landlord, because we believe the landlord knows the property and its possibilities best. This way, you will be supported in the best possible way. It is important to note that we are not a standard presence at viewings. 

There are no rental prices on, why is that?

Office rental rates are determined by various factors, making it impractical to provide a fixed price. The rental cost is influenced by factors such as the duration of the lease, commencement date, occupancy density per square meter, available facilities, services, and the choice between an unfurnished or furnished office. 

With whom do I sign the rental agreement?

The lease agreement will be signed by both the tenant and the landlord (owner), and does not play a role in this process. However, you are welcome to seek our assistance or advice at any time. 

Is it possible to visit multiple offices in one day? 

Indeed, we recommend considering multiple office viewings in a single day. This approach allows you to gain a comprehensive impression of various options and prices. Our aim is to optimize the scheduling of these visits for efficiency, ultimately saving you valuable time in the process. 

Is it possible to sign a flexible contract or a short-term rental contract?

Yes, it has become increasingly common. Long-term contracts are being replaced more frequently by short or flexible rental agreements. Our Real Estate Professionals can provide precise information on which offices offer the option to sign flexible or short-term contracts.

Who provides office space on  

The entities offering office space on fall into two categories: owners and operators. Owners are the landlords of specific office spaces, while operators, such as business centers or coworking spaces, lease the offices from the owners and manage their own concepts and services.