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Renting an office in Zaventem is an excellent choice. In Zaventem a great many companies are located and of course the largest airport in Belgium as well. As a result, the companies located here are generally internationally oriented. For this reason, there are various types of offices for rent. Think of business complexes, business centers and conventional (independent) office spaces / buildings.

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Why Zaventem?

Why rent in Zaventem?

It is clear that Brussels airport is one of the biggest attracting factors of Zaventem. This airport is the largest economic engine of the country after the port of Antwerp. It is the ultimate amenity of Zaventem and the reason that there are so many internationally oriented companies in the city. The office areas in Zaventem are developing rapidly as well. For example, Microsoft is going to establish itself at Brussels Airport, where KPMG and Deloitte are already based as well.

The location of your office in Zaventem

Zaventem is also particularly interesting because of its location. The city is located on the outskirts of Brussels and is therefore very easy to reach. Especially when you yourself, your customers or business relations travel from the surrounding area. This way it is possible to avoid a lot of traffic jams, because you do not have to drive through Brussels.

For companies that actively move within the European Commission or at least have a lot to do with it, an office in Zaventem is also an ideal solution. You travel from Zaventem quickly and easily by public transport or private transport to the center of Brussels.

Zaventem increasingly popular

The office areas in the city are becoming increasingly popular among international organizations. Some of them rent office space directly at the airport and others in the surrounding area because of the proximity to Brussels. After KPMG and Deloitte, Microsoft decided to settle here as well.

Office spaces in Zaventem

Types of offices

The municipality / government helps out!

Do not forget the municipality and the government. They are happy to help you with issues that come on your way. For example, there are various agencies that can provide you with support measures and / or subsidies. In this way they try to ensure that all the tools you need to grow your business are present. Particularly because companies provide employment which, in turn, creates more prosperity. This is how municipalities and the government are trying to ensure an optimal business climate.

Information about Zaventem

Different types of office space in Zaventem

The range of available offices in Zaventem is as you would expect from a real metropolis: very diverse. Whether you are looking for an entire property for a large company / multinational or a flexible workplace in the center of Zaventem: we are happy to help you find the most suitable office space. You can choose from a variety of offices in Zaventem. For example, there are conventional (office buildings or floors) offices, office space in a business center / multi-company building or single work places in co-working spaces.

There is also a strong variation in the delivery level and the services offered in these offices and workplaces. Where the choice in smaller cities is generally more limited, landlords in Zaventem offer the most extensive options.

The city of Zaventem

Accessibility of Zaventem

Zaventem is located northeast of the center of Brussels, next to the E19 and E40. Zaventem is easy to reach from all over the country. By train you can easily take a direct line from Brussels Central to the center of Zaventem. Direct train connections are also available from Antwerp and Leuven.

Transportation within the city

Zaventem has a clearly structured bus network. From Zaventem station you can take the bus to all areas in Zaventem. The train station has a separate train station.

Delivery levels

  • Shell: a very bare office where a lot still needs to be done
  • Fully (high-end) completed: Can be occupied immediately after furnishing
  • Plug & Play (furnished): Fully furnished and ready to be used right away

Service levels

  • Conventional: no service offered, you manage everything yourself
  • Multi company building: a limited amount of services and spaces are shared
  • Business center or office concept and co-working space: full service concepts with two choices, fully serviced and all-inclusive or pay “as you go” for the services that you use.


Do you opt for an office space with many services? In most cases you can expect the following:

  • Lunch
  • Meeting room(s)
  • Reception desk
  • Phone and e-mail service
  • Internet
  • Postal service
  • Copy and print
  • Sports facilities
  • Dry cleaning
  • Day care
  • Shoemaker
  • Et cetera