AND Digital finds new office at a creative hub in Amsterdam

AND Digital was looking for a new office space with better accessibility than their current space. Preferably with a location in the heart of Amsterdam or around Amsterdam South. Their ideal office would be a full-service office space for 30 to 35 people with great accessibility and preferably in a creative area. Their search ended when they found their full-service office building at Raamplein in the heart of Amsterdam. They will be renting 30 workstations in this unique and luxurious building. This modern office building features beautifully designed meeting rooms, a bar and a large outdoor space to enjoy lunch or drinks after work. Due to its location in the heart of Amsterdam, the office is very accessible by public transport and easily reached by car as well. 

AND Digital is a consultancy agency with a mission to close the world's digital skills gap. Their unique guide, build and equip service model helps companies with digital services such as UX and design, app development and data engineering. AND Digital provides companies with the essential insight and support they need to navigate a shifting business and technology landscape with greater speed and confidence. is delighted to have helped AND Digital in their search for a new office space and wishes the entire team all their best. A special thanks to Remmelt Blessinga for the great contact during the process.

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