Top 10 office manager tools that help to be more productive


What are the main office manager tools? 

In this blog we’ll figure out which tools are useful for the office manager, which of them save a lot of time, make conversation easier, or help with structuring work and making it easy to review and plan everything needed. 

The best office manager tools are: 

  • Google Drive 
  • Hootsuite 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Google Workspace 
  • Zoom 
  • Teamwork 
  • Miro 
  • Google Calendar 
  • Dropbox 
  • Microsoft Planner 

Who is an office manager? 

An office manager is in charge of overseeing an office and ensuring that business operations operate properly. This position's responsibilities frequently reflect the diversity of the business. While most departments like to operate independently and don't need to communicate frequently with one another, the office manager must do both to completely comprehend what is happening in each department. Nobody understands the inner workings of a firm better than the office manager, except the CEO.  

An office manager must be able to interact and engage with people to do their tasks efficiently. A competent office manager is therefore someone with strong judgment and patience who can work with the rest of the employees and assist them in carrying out their responsibilities.  

Creating and executing rules and procedures for the management of their office may also fall under the purview of office managers. This might involve making timetables, giving personnel responsibilities, or taking care of other administrative activities. 

Office manager main responsibilities 

An office manager's duties may include the following: 

  • Manage personnel organization and supervision to maintain office operations. 
  • To improve office productivity, keep the space orderly. 
  • Create reports to notify management about the company's actions. 
  • Oversee employees. 
  • Create the annual budget and make purchases according to the plan. 
  • Maintain a positive work atmosphere and a sense of community. 

Top 10 office manager tools 

The office management software assists in overseeing the operations and logistics of a company's office. The responsibilities of an office manager are extensive, and one must manage a wide range of duties during the day. Fortunately, technology can make you less anxious and more productive. Here are some helpful software examples: 

Google Drive 


Google Drive is one of the most popular office manager tools – a vast cloud storage facility that supports almost all file types. Team members may be asked to contribute to documents, and you can track changes as they are made.  

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Storage a lot of different types of files,  
  • Access from any place and any device,  
  • Team collaboration,  
  • Quick sharing,  
  • Mobile app,  



Hootsuite allows you to plan posts for more than 35 social networks, monitor brand mentions, see how well postings are working, and broaden your web presence by locating additional social media platforms that could be of interest to your target market. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Establish an automatic scheduling,  
  • Do social media monitoring,  
  • See prefinance report,  
  • Automated posting. 
  • It simply saves a lot of time for the office manager. 

Microsoft Teams 


Microsoft Teams is a famous office manager tool - a collaboration tool designed for flexible work that keeps you and your colleagues involved, updated, and coordinated all in one location. Microsoft Teams is a permanent messaging collaborative solution with many other crucial business communication features including document sharing and online meetings. This is significantly simpler to accomplish using a shared workspace application, particularly if a team is located within a large firm, has many remote employees, or freelancers, or has a big team. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Establishing clear communication, 
  • Mobile app, 
  • Video conferences, 
  • Communication from any places and various devices, 
  • Document sharing, 
  • Screen sharing, 
  • Shared online working on the document. 

Google Workspace 

google worplace

A complete cloud-based platform for workplace productivity - Google Workspace. They use documents, spreadsheets, drives, calendars, and other tools. The advantage of utilizing G Suite is that it is cloud-based, making it very beneficial for employee collaboration. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • E-mails,  
  • Online editing and archiving of documents, 
  • Shared calendars, online editing and archiving of documents,  
  • Video conferences, 
  • limitless storage,  
  • Quick group editing, 
  • Numerous types of files that you may import and edit. 



The most popular video platform in the globe for businesses worldwide is Zoom. Teams adore the ability to record Zoom meetings and use a remote screen control while meeting with colleagues and clients. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Establishing clear communication,  
  • Mobile app,  
  • Communication from any place and various devices,  
  • Different types of backgrounds are available, such as blurred backgrounds, or even your PowerPoint,  
  • Virtual rooms,  
  • Screen sharing. 



Project management solutions, chat and collaboration tools, and CRM software are the three main items that Teamwork offers. It is an experienced project planning and office administration solution. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Activity monitoring, 
  • Schedule management, 
  • Commenting and leaving notes, 
  • Data storage and file sharing, 
  • Project management, 
  • Task scheduling and time tracking for projects, 
  • Reminders for process monitoring, 
  • And many more! 



You can advance projects, unite people, and remove obstacles to success with the aid of Miro's comprehensive selection of project management templates. This tool office managers choose a lot.  

With a range of collaborative tasks including brainstorming, product development, customer discovery, process visualization, and many more, Miro lets your team achieve great results and progress in your projects. It combines design tools, communication and collaboration tools, visual tools, and others. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Templates, widgets, and frameworks,  
  • Account and user management,  
  • Sharing, remarking, voting, and conversing,  
  • Presentation mode,   
  • Collaborate on designing or project development,  
  • Real-time teamwork,  
  • Endless canvas, 
  • And many more! 

Google Calendar 



An organization can arrange events and conferences using Google Calendar, which also gives members a way to remember important dates. To avoid missing a crucial appointment or debate, you can create additional calendars for official use. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Schedule meeting rooms, 
  • Appointment slots, 
  • World clock, 
  • Reminders about upcoming events, 
  • View your colleagues' calendars to make an appointment, 
  • Mobile app, 
  • Establish many calendars for the team. 



Companies that frequently exchange large amounts of files amongst one another probably already know about Dropbox. This service lets you share crucial data and folders and is a great tool for managing a workplace. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • View any file both online and offline, 
  • Mobile app, 
  • Commenting, 
  • Backing up, 
  • Remote access to other devices. 

Microsoft Planner 


Microsoft Planner is a useful tool for office manager task planning and projects. Microsoft Planner is quite helpful in planning and monitoring employee assignments. You can effectively assign and arrange schedules and tasks with Microsoft Planner. Additionally, you may share data, establish deadlines, and, of course, team members can chat with one another. 

The main features that this tool can help an office manager: 

  • Setting deadlines,  
  • Plan and monitor project and progress,  
  • Assigning employees for a project,  
  • Labelling projects and tasks to visibly divide them,  
  • Share files and links,  
  • Mobile app. 

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Conclusion: office manager tools 

This list of office manager tools only confirms that nowadays technology is the key. Only by using it, the office manager can successfully monitor, analyze, plan, assign, create projects, and so on. In addition, it increases productivity, decreases organizational costs, and improves communication between employees.