Accessibility in the workplace


Employees with disabilities are integral contributors to the workforce, but their potential is often obstructed by physical barriers in the workplace. Many companies fail to provide wheelchair-friendly environments, limiting opportunities for professionals with disabilities to showcase their abilities.  

For this reason, ensuring your office is wheelchair accessible is essential to be an inclusive employer and grant everybody equal opportunities. Read along and explore the key aspects to pay attention to for an inclusive and accessible workplace.  

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A wheelchair-friendly office space  

When renting office space, it's imperative to prioritize accessibility for professionals who use wheelchairs. By selecting a wheelchair-friendly office space, you not only demonstrate your commitment to inclusion but also ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to thrive in the workplace. Pay attention to the following aspects: 

  • Ramps at all entrances and exits 
  • Wide doorways 
  • Accessible toilets with grab bars, lowered sinks, emergency cords and sufficient space for maneuvering 
  • Elevators spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs and with controls at a reachable height 
  • Accessible parking 

Offices today are increasingly becoming more accessible. Since January 2017, it has been mandatory for every office to be wheelchair-friendly. While it may be challenging to find accessible offices in older buildings located in historical areas like Amsterdam Centrum, areas such as Amsterdam Zuidas and Sloterdijk offer more options with the necessary infrastructure to ensure the space is accessible and inclusive. 

Accessible interiors 

Once you have secured an office space with the appropriate structural features, the next step is to focus on the interior layout and equipment. What should you consider to ensure all employees can perform their tasks without encountering physical barriers? Follow this checklist: 

  • Wide pathways between furniture  
  • No obstacles blocking passageways  
  • A height-adjustable desk  
  • Meeting rooms with tables at appropriate heights and wheelchair-accessible seating 

Customizing workplace solutions 

Of course, different conditions necessitate different requirements, and each individual case may call for unique adjustments. As an employer, it is crucial to prioritize the well-being of all your employees, paying particular attention to those with disabilities. This means being proactive in understanding and accommodating their specific needs to create an inclusive and supportive work environment. 

Find your inclusive and accessible workplace wit 

Ensuring that your office space is wheelchair-friendly and accommodating to all employees is essential for fostering a supportive and productive work environment. At, we are dedicated to helping you find the perfect accessible office space that meets all your needs. With our expertise and extensive listings, you can secure the right office space in no time, ensuring that all your employees have the opportunity to thrive. 

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