Advantages of an online office space broker

Advantages of an online office space broker

When you are looking for an office or office space, there are several ways you can approach it. You can search for offices yourself or you can engage an expert to make the process easier. Besides that this expert can open more doors for you. There are different types of experts such as an online office space broker or a traditional real estate agent.   

Difference online office space broker and traditional real estate agent

When you hire a traditional real estate agent, you enter into an agreement. The real estate agent accepts your search request and therefore you relinquish your tasks. Traditional real estate agents charge a brokerage fee for this. Usually everything is done offline, through a search within the network of the real estate agent.   

If you use an online office space broker, you have the possibility to do more yourself, such as viewing the offer online. In this way you will still have an expert behind you to look along and give advice where necessary. This is usually without obligation and allows you to stay in control of your search.   

Why choose an online office space broker?

Are you considering using an office space broker, such as In this blog we list all the advantages of an online office space agent.  

More choice, good overview and easy to compare

When you are looking for office space you first want to orientate yourself and explore your options. That's why a wide range of offers is important to be able to compare the different offices.  

The offer of an office space broker can often be found entirely on the Internet. In that way you can easily and quickly get an overview based on your specific search criteria. You can do this by using filters or by scrolling on a map - when location is very important to you. Therefore you can take your time to explore your options.   

Speed and efficiency

As a company or entrepreneur, you don't want to spend days searching for an office. An efficient search, knowledge of the market and a large network is very important.  

Speed, efficiency and knowledge are perhaps the biggest advantages of an online broker. You can have a clear overview of available locations online within a few clicks. However, you can also place your search question with one of the office space specialists. A specialist will be your personal advisor, just like a traditional real estate agent. 

You can easily pass on your office wishes through the website or by phone and the office space specialists will immediately start working on them. Based on your wishes, your personal office space specialist will forward the most suitable locations to you or discuss them with you. Viewing a location according to your wishes is often possible the same day and can be scheduled by the office space specialist. Depending on the location, the office space specialist can also be physically present at the viewing.   

Online viewings

Not every company has the ability and time to physically go to a location to view an office (think of an international expansion from an office on the other side of the world). Fortunately, there are multiple forms of viewings these days. In addition to physically viewing an office space, with an online office space broker you also have the option of completing the entire search online.  

Online office space brokers specialize in the digital world of offices. They have different types of digital imagery available of the locations, such as videos and a 360 degree tour. An office space broker can also schedule a digital viewing with you. This can be very useful when you are looking for an office abroad but do not have the ability to travel there.   

Transparent, no-obligation advice and personal assistance

You don't know yet what exactly you are looking for, but you do have a number of points that need to be taken into consideration? The office space specialists of an online broker have knowledge of the rental and leasing market and can make an excellent assessment of which office space best matches your specific search. You are not stuck with a contract but you can get (often free) advice. Even if there is no match, they will be transparent about this and possibly refer you to an external party in their network. 

In addition, an online office space broker can also assist you in other areas. Besides an online platform of offices, they always have a lot of information available digitally, such as blogs and videos. This way you can easily gain more knowledge, for example about how many m2 of office space do you need? Or what the advantages are of different types of buildings, such as a multi-tenant building?   

Find your ideal office free of charge

As a tenant you can view the offers of online office space brokers for free. With, you don't have to pay any fees as a tenant, even at the moment of signing the contract.

How can this be free of charge? When landlords want to advertise their office online with us, we offer our service on a no cure - no pay basis. This means that advertising the office is free and that we invoice the landlord if a tenant is successfully placed in the office location. As a tenant you can therefore use our service free of charge. Do you need help with the search for your new office? Then contact the team of office space specialists.