Willem-Jan van Heeswijk

Willem-Jan van Heeswijk

Office space specialist in The Hague
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Office space for rent The Hague

Renting an office space in The Hague is the ideal solution for many companies. It is conveniently located between the Netherlands' largest cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Moreover, between these cities lies an extensive network of highways and public transportation. The Hague is known for its international and political character. It is the only city in the world that is not the capital but where the government, the parliament and the royal family are located. With attractions such as Vredespaleis, the Binnenhof and Scheveningen, the surroundings of The Hague is also very attractive. Rental prices in The Hague range from 105 euros per m2 to 170 euros per m2. The majority of jobs in The Hague are in the public sector (governments) and business services.

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