The benefits of green roofs on office space environments


In the quest for sustainability, architectural innovations are reshaping our urban landscapes. Among these innovations, green roofs have emerged as powerful solutions, offering both environmental and financial benefits. Are you in the market for a new office space for rent? Consider the benefits of choosing a building with a green roof! Read along as we explore why these eco-friendly rooftops are becoming the preferred choice for forward-thinking businesses. 

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Why choose green roofs for your new office space?  

Form environmental benefits, to financial gains, green roofs have demonstrated numerous advantages. When seeking a new office space, it's crucial for your company to consider locations within buildings featuring green roofs. You'll be amazed by the enhancements they can bring to your business and your team's work life! 

Heat regulation 

Green roofs act as insulation layers, effectively moderating ambient temperatures year-round. During summer, while conventional grey roofs absorb sunlight, causing buildings to heat up, green roofs deflect most direct sunlight through vegetation, preventing excessive heat absorption.  

Although with a slight decrease, the effects are tangible in winter as well. In fact, the substrate beneath the vegetation functions as a blanket, retaining heat and insulating the building. These dual functionalities not only result in better working conditions for you and your team, but also in reduced air conditioning and heating expenses, offering cost-saving opportunities for your business. 

Increased solar panel efficiency 

If the building is equipped with solar panels, there is another reason why green roofs will help you cut your energy bill! Studies suggest that solar panels perform better in cooler environments, such as those provided by green roofs. By keeping the surroundings cooler, these roofs prevent overheating of the panels, thereby improving their efficiency by 3.6% on average. 

Noise reduction 

Finally, selecting a building with a green roof for your new office will provide a significant reduction in noise levels. A green roof also serves as a sound barrier, absorbing ambient noise and creating a tranquil atmosphere within your workspace. This noise mitigation fosters a favourable environment for concentration, enhancing productivity and well-being among your team members.   

A smart investment for building owners 

The advantages of green roofs go beyond benefiting tenants renting office space. In fact, there are several compelling reasons why building owners should contemplate integrating this innovative solution into their properties. 

Government incentives  

In countries like The Netherlands, the incentives for embracing sustainable practices, including green roofs, are particularly enticing. The Dutch government offers various subsidies, incentives and tax benefits to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly building practices. These subsidies can offset the initial costs of installing green roofs, making them a financially feasible option for property owners. In Amsterdam, for example, it is possible to get a discount on fees on the environmental permit of up to € 25.000 per project.  

Maintenance benefits 

Protecting roofing materials from intense sunlight, heavy rainfall, strong winds, and temperature fluctuations, a green roof acts as a steadfast defender which reinforces the roof with an erosion-resistant covering, extending its lifespan of your roof. 

Increased building value 

All these factors mentioned above boast the property's attractiveness. With lower energy costs and an extended roof lifespan, as property owner you can position your offerings as more attractive to potential tenants, establishing your property as a sustainable and forward-thinking investment, appealing to those seeking both environmental responsibility and long-term financial stability. 

The environmental benefits of green roofs 

It goes without saying, green roofs come with numerous advantages for the surrounding environment, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient urban ecosystem. 

Increased biodiversity  

Green roofs increase biodiversity by providing new habitats for plants and animals in urban areas. These roofs support a variety of vegetation, which attracts insects, birds, and other small animals, creating a thriving micro-ecosystem within the city. By fostering the preservation of native species, green roofs contribute to the overall biodiversity of urban environments. 

Rainwater buffer 

A green roof absorbs rainwater, slowing down its release into the sewage system, purifying it, and allowing for evaporation through the vegetation. These combined mechanisms aid in stabilizing groundwater levels, alleviating pressure on sewage systems during peak periods, and mitigating the potential for flooding. 

Air purification 

Through natural filtration mechanisms, the vegetation on these roofs captures and removes airborne pollutants, including carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Moreover, the dense vegetation releases oxygen, thereby enriching the surrounding atmosphere with fresh, clean air.  

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