9 tips to keep your energy up at the office

Working office stress no energy

Is it the long working days, the work pressure, the team or the work itself, there is always a reason to feel exhausted at the office. We have compiled a list of how you can improve your energy levels at work throughout the day and thus have more energy at the office. By implementing some of these breaks, exercises and facts you will feel more energetic and perform better at work. 

Do a workout in the morning 

This doesn't have to be a very heavy workout (it should be), but 20 minutes of walking or cycling will do. Do you live in the city? For example in Amsterdam? Try cycling to work more often instead of taking the tram. What you will achieve is that all the systems in your body will start working. Your blood will start flowing faster and your metabolism will start working. Afterwards you will feel energetic and ready for a hard day's work. 

The right breakfast 

Food is your body's fuel, provided you know what fuel it needs. After all, you don't put diesel in your petrol car either. Make sure you start the day with good carbohydrates, proteins and fruit. 

  • Carbohydrates: wholemeal bread or crackers, oatmeal, Brinta or cornflakes. 
  • Proteins: eggs (maximum 1 yolk), low fat cottage cheese or Greek yoghurt, roast beef, chicken, low fat cheese, soy milk/low fat milk 
  • Fruit: banana, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, watermelon, kiwi, orange juice, raspberry. 

Get up a bit earlier 

If you get up 10 minutes earlier you will be amazed at how much more productivity you gain. Firstly, you have more time for the above-mentioned 'power breakfast' and, because you don't have to rush, you arrive at work more relaxed. The result is a more positive attitude and the right mindset to start your day. 

Take the stairs 

It's a bit cliché, but very effective. It burns more calories and gets the blood flowing faster. By the time you get back to your workplace, you'll have a little boost in your energy level. 

Keep it healthy 

A fizzy drink from a vending machine or a sugar bomb as a snack in the afternoon can give you a short energy boost. DON'T DO IT! This short energy boost gives you a short burst of energy, but also makes you feel lifeless for the rest of the day. Rather take (another) piece of fruit or a cereal bar for a longer lasting energy release at the office. 

Use your legs 

Instead of phoning, emailing and apping why not get up and have a personal chat with your colleagues. Of course this is not always efficient, but the personal interaction will do you good and produces positive endorphins and extra exercise. 

Short break for more energy in the office 

Instead of one long break, break into roughly 5-minute segments. If you go to the toilet or to get a drink, make sure you take some time for yourself elsewhere. This way you give your brain a short break. When you return to your workplace afterwards, you will be refreshed and have more energy in the office.  

Stop complaining 

Complaining about colleagues and bosses really eats up energy at the office. Start each day with a fresh outlook and don't let resentment get in the way. Focus on the positive aspects of work and on the tasks at hand. If you introduce this focus into your daily routine, you will soon find that you are more focused on the work and the energy is channelled in a fruitful direction. 

Fresh air and light 

Is important as we spend 90% of our time in office spaces/buildings. Provide a workplace with plenty of daylight. Daylight helps synchronise our biological clock and supports the body in all kinds of processes such as concentration, fat burning and vitamin D absorption. Fresh oxygen helps to purify your body and get rid of waste products, and your body's acidity level will also be better balanced.