Igen's expansion journey at John M. Keynesplein 1-27 in Amsterdam Riekerpolder


Outgrowing their former premises, igen found themselves in need of a new location that could both accommodate their growing team and facilitate enhanced collaboration among colleagues. With the guidance of Flexas.com, the company successfully secured a spacious 1000 sqm office space at John M. Keynesplein 1-27, in Amsterdam Riekerpolder! 

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Igen’s journey began in 2017, with just a desk in a coworking space. Over the span of six years, their remarkable growth led to four relocations within the same building. However, it was last year when they realized they had not only outgrown the premises, but also the need for coworking spaces. Melle Strikwerda, the founder of igen, sought a space where the company could nurture its distinct energy and identity. Among the requirements, three essential factors stood out: the need for an expansive open floor plan to foster collaboration, the importance of retaining their Amsterdam location for employee convenience, and the necessity of ample parking facilities. 

Igen's mission is to create an environment where young, talented individuals can flourish, develop, and uncover their potential. They aspire to revolutionize the workplace to resonate with the latest generation, enabling all companies to harness the full potential of the talent, energy, and creativity of the Internet Generation. Within just seven years, they have expanded their team to encompass 600 employees. 

When Melle Strikwerda ventured into the commercial real estate market, he crossed paths with Mick Siero, one of the brokers at Flexas.com. “Mick did a really good job to get in touch with me at the right time and the right place”, says Melle Strikwerda, reflecting on the process of searching for the new office space. 

After visiting different locations, the company settled on this space at John M. Keynesplein, which perfectly met all of igen's requirements in terms of space, parking facilities and layout. “It's one level, that was important. We didn't want to have different floors” affirms the founder of the company.  Moreover, the chosen location is conveniently situated just a stone's throw away from their previous premises. “I find it really good fun to look across the street and see where we came from” Melle Strikwerda remarks. ”We will never forget where it all started”.  

Flexas.com “found the right fit; they are commercial but flexible and they helped us in the conversation with Aroundtown Holdings.” he explains, “it worked out well for all of us". As igen establishes roots in their new office for the foreseeable future, Flexas.com takes pride in facilitating this transaction, and extends igen its best wishes for continued success!  

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