A new training location in Amsterdam for Codaisseur

In order to continue providing courses and training for programmers, Codaisseur was looking for a new location in Amsterdam. Their preference was a turn-key location with a space of 800 m2. Their search ended when they found their new office space at Naritaweg in Amsterdam West. This building, with many windows for lots of natural light, providing more than enough space for Codaisseur to continue giving their courses.  The office has space for relaxation including facilities for table football and table tennis. On top of that, there is a garden with picnic tables to enjoy free time outside. As the office is located at Sloterdijk business park, Codaisseur will be surrounded by many different types of businesses and restaurants. 

Codaisseur's mission is to close the skill gap in the tech industry and create durable careers by (re)training people, so they are equipped to do the work the world needs. Codaisseur provides affordable, fast-paced, pragmatic, and high-quality training while teaching people the necessary skills to find gainful employment in the tech industry. Besides that, they find and facilitate a match between graduates and companies. We would like to congratulate the entire team at Codaisseur on finding their new office and a special thanks to Michiel Rueter for his trust in Flexas.com.

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