What are the office space prices in Paris?

Paris office spaces prices per district

Various elements, including location, size, duration, and amenities, affect Paris office space prices. Office spaces in central Paris will often cost more than those in the suburbs. Depending on the location and the state of the building, the monthly rent for a workplace might range from €650 to €1000 on average per desk. The Paris office spaces prices may also increase if there are extras like a gym or on-site parking. Prices are influenced by both supply and demand in the market, therefore it's crucial to remember that they might change. You may learn more about the industry and locate the ideal offer for your company with the aid of Flexas.com. 

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What is included in the office space prices?  

The City of Lights, Paris, is recognized for its stunning architecture, extensive history, and cultural attractions. The city is a top choice for companies wishing to increase their presence in Europe because it also has a vibrant business community.  

When looking at Paris office space prices, there are several factors to consider. The rent is the base cost for the use of the office space, and it may be charged on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Additionally, service charges may be added on top of the rent for services such as cleaning and maintenance. Other amenities, such as internet and telecommunications, may also be included in the price, but this can vary depending on the specific office space.  

Some office spaces may also include additional perks such as access to common areas and meeting rooms, while others may not. The location of the office space can also play a role in the price, with spaces in more central or sought-after areas generally costing more. It's important to keep these factors in mind when evaluating the office space prices in Paris. 

How do the prices differ in Paris for each district? 

Arrondissements Average rent per desk/month  Description
1st €1000 Chic and central, featuring historic landmarks and high-end shopping, ideal for upscale businesses. 
2nd €800 Fast-paced and commercial, with modern office spaces and strong transportation links, catering to dynamic startups. 
3rd €800 Artsy and alternative, with charming streets and converted warehouses, perfect for creative and tech companies. 
4th €750 Vibrant and trendy, showcasing the Marais district and the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral, suited for trendsetters and cultural organizations. 
5th €750 Academic and residential, with a mix of ancient and modern architecture, ideal for research and educational institutions. 
6th €700 Elegant and sophisticated, showcasing the Luxembourg Garden and the Saint-Germain district, perfect for luxury services and international firms. 
7th €700 Elite and historic, featuring the Eiffel Tower and the Invalides Museum, best for prestigious and governmental organizations. 
8th €1000 Chic and affluent, exhibiting the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe, suited for upscale fashion and entertainment businesses. 
9th €1000 Dynamic and cosmopolitan, with theaters, department stores, and modern office spaces, catering to thriving industries. 
10th €850 Industrial and multicultural, with a mix of residential and commercial areas, ideal for transportation and logistics companies. 
11th €850 Hip and diverse, showcasing the Bastille district and vibrant nightlife, perfect for young and innovative startups. 
12th €750 Residential and green, featuring the Bois de Vincennes and sports facilities, ideal for health and wellness companies. 
13th €750 Technological and modern, with several universities and research centers, suited for STEM and academic businesses. 
14th €850 Bohemian and artistic, exhibiting the Montparnasse district and the Catacombs, ideal for creative and independent organizations. 
15th €800 Family-friendly and suburban, with parks, schools, and residential areas, perfect for family-oriented and community businesses. 
16th €1000 Upscale and residential, showcasing the Bois de Boulogne and prestigious shopping, suited for luxury services and international firms. 
17th €1000 Chic and elegant, with a mix of residential and commercial areas, ideal for high-end and fashion companies. 
18th €650 Bohemian and eclectic, exhibiting the Montmartre district and vibrant nightlife, perfect for creative and entertainment businesses. 
19th €650 Industrial and multicultural, with a mix of residential and commercial areas, ideal for transportation and logistics companies. 
20th €650 Authentic and diverse, showcasing the Père Lachaise Cemetery and vibrant street life, suited for unique and independent businesses. 

Is it possible to travel to an office space in Paris with public transportation?

The extensive public transportation system of the city includes the metro, bus, tram, and suburban railways. The metro is the most convenient method to get around the city, with 16 lines covering most of Paris. The city's bus system is also quite extensive, covering the whole area with more than 60 routes. A variety of tram routes also traverse the city, providing access to areas where the metro does not. Regional trains also link the city's heart to nearby suburbs and airports (RER). All of these options accept a single ticket, making city travel convenient and easy. 

How to find an office space in Paris? 

Get in touch with one of our Flexas.com office space experts if you're searching for an office space in Paris. They would be happy to help you choose the best office space to suit your needs and provide more detailed information on office availability, cost, and what is included in the price. The services provided by Flexas.com are 100% free. 

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