What is a class A office space?


The most luxurious structures in the greatest settings, with the most facilities. They frequently represent the most beautiful structures, created with the best resources and building techniques. Furthermore, these structures often have qualified management, and convenient access, and are situated in prominent locations on busy roadways. Class A Buildings are often leased to trustworthy tenants at the highest rental prices in the market because of their excellent quality.  

Common characteristics of class A buildings:  

  • Administered by a reputable company  
  • Highest rental pricing  
  • Amenities - gyms, food courts, and more  
  • Many parking options, both public and private
  • 24/7 surveillance  
  • Innovative design, excellent appearance both inside and outside  
  • A tall structure in the heart of the financial area. 

Class A buildings get the best tenants and demand the highest rents, which is very advantageous to potential for companies, property managers, and landlords. Class A structures also have greater rates of tenant retention than their Class B and Class C equivalents, which contributes to the property's long-term success. 

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