Renting office space? Which office is the best match for your company?

As an entrepreneur you try to create the best possible work situation. An environment with the facilities that ensure that you and your employees can perform optimally. Unfortunately, too often the importance of good office space is underestimated. In fact, finding suitable accommodation is important for your company. In this article you can read which office will suit your company best! distinguishes 4 different kinds of office space. Namely:

  • Multi company building / multi-tenant
  • Business center
  • Conventional office
  • Single tenant

These will be discussed extensively so that you can rent the best office for your company!

The multi-company building (multi-tenant)

This is the best option for many companies. In a multi-company building there are mainly start-ups and medium-sized companies. Because here you rent a small piece of an entire office building. In addition to their own office, tenants have access to shared facilities (lunch room, meeting room and more), which means that the rent is lower in many cases.

Because you are based in one office building with other companies, it is easy to network. Good connections are golden and may even yield potential customers! Because you have several companies in one office building, facilities such as toilets, lunch rooms and meeting rooms are shared with the other companies.

Lastly, there is the advantage of short contract terms. It is often possible to rent a space in a multi-company building for a year and in some cases even a half a year or less.

The advantages and disadvantages of renting in a multi-company building


  • Flexible rental contracts

  • Both small and large surfaces available
  • Shared facilities, therefore cheaper
  • Direct contact with the other companies in the office building
  • Joint events and workshops


  • Sometimes there is a shortage of parking spaces

  • Facilities have to be shared
  • Nuisance from the other companies

Business center

A business center is a more luxurious version of a multi-company building. A business center has more facilities, services and the option to rent fully furnished. For example, a manned reception, a mail room, dry cleaning and copy shop.

Furthermore, there is always the possibility to rent a meeting room. This is not always the case at a multi-company building. You will find business centers mainly in the larger cities. For example many offices in Antwerp and Brussels  have a floor with a business center.

The advantages and disadvantages of a business center

The same advantages and disadvantages as a multi-company building, with the following additional advantages and disadvantages.


  • Fully furnished offices

  • Plug and play (work)
  • Has many extra services such as a reception desk
  • Very flexible rental contracts
  • Sometimes there is an all-inclusive price


  • Higher cost

Conventional office

A conventional office is usually not rented by a starter. With conventional office spaces you rent a bare space with a fixed rent per square meter. A big feature of such an office is that the rental periods are not flexible. Usually 3 years or longer.

It takes more time and money to start in a conventional space. For example, often work will need be done in order to realize the desired layout and interior design. You are responsible for the costs of furnishing yourself. Landlords may sometimes be willing to contribute in the costs of a renovation. These office spaces are usually delivered without floor covering, furniture, utilities, service costs and internet. The advantage is that a conventional office can be arranged entirely according to your wishes.

The advantages and disadvantages of renting a conventional office

In short, a lot still needs to be arranged. The advantages and disadvantages of conventional renting in a row.


  • Entirely your own interior design and identity

  • A lot of space available
  • Your own facilities


  • Rarely flexible rental contracts

  • Long term rental contracts
  • You have to fund and furnish the office yourself

Renting single tenant office space

Renting single tenant office space is the final option. A single tenant office space is very similar to a conventional office. The only difference is that you do not rent a floor, but the entire office building! A lease of a single tenant often has a minimum duration of 3 to 5 years.

Nowadays, the concept of single tenant is no longer common and is only suitable for larger companies. These often employ more than 500 employees.

The advantages and disadvantages of renting single tenant office space


  • A complete office building to yourself
  • The same advantages as for a conventional office


  • The same disadvantages as for a conventional office

  • Only suitable if your company is large or the office is small

In summary

You now know what kinds of offices there are. View the advantages and disadvantages, know the available budget and what the preferences are. This makes it possible to make a well-considered choice and avoid surprises!