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Would you like to rent office space in Antwerp? Antwerp is a prominent tourist destination with a thriving business sector and dedicated educational institutions, making it an ideal location for renting an office space.  

The capital of Flanders and the vast majority people's choice as the economic hub of Belgium is Antwerp. The second-largest port in Europe, Antwerp, offers a stable breeding environment for developing industrial and logistical operations into successful investments as the cornerstone of our national economic system thanks to its world-class industry. 

The diamond business is significant to Antwerp's economy and has been for much of the city's history. Antwerp is renowned as the diamond capital of the world. 

Do you need a commercial property agent in Antwerp? Then is the place to be. Would you rather go looking for yourself? To pick a specific location, use the search option. Alternatively, you may leave a search request with our office professionals. We offer the most office space available in Antwerp. 

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Flexas FAQ

How much does office space cost in Antwerp

Office spaces for rent in Antwerpen cost from around €145 to €200 (m2/year), depends on the district you choose. Central placement is more expensive.

Why rent an office in Antwerp?

Nearly 500.000 residents of 178 different nationalities call Antwerp home, with the majority speaking multiple languages. It is centrally located in Europe, making major cities like Paris, London, and Amsterdam easily accessible by train. The only city from Belgium to appear on the Financial Times' list of the continent's most inventive commercial hubs is Antwerp. Additionally, Antwerp was listed as one of the top ten cities with the greatest economic potential worldwide in 2021. The town is well-known for having the second-largest port in Europe, a sizable chemical and oil cluster, an active business district, and many other things. Additionally, Brussels may be reached in just 45 minutes.

How to rent an office in Antwerp?

To choose a certain area of our website, utilize the search option. You can also contact our office specialists with a search request. Alternatively, you can call our expert directly. In Antwerp, we have the most office space available.

Which are the best districts for renting an office in Antwerp?

The best districts are Het Eilandje, Het Zuid, Zurenborg.