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Antwerp has the second largest port in Europe, surpassed only by the port of Rotterdam. As a result, the largest logistics companies have offices in Antwerp. The activity of the port provides an attraction for several industries either directly or indirectly related to it. As the centre of the global diamond industry, offices in Antwerp offer access to a diverse market.

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Flexas FAQ

How much does office space cost in Antwerp

Office spaces for rent in Antwerpen cost from around €145 to €200 (m2/year), depends on the district you choose. Central placement is more expensive.

Why rent an office in Antwerp?

A global port like Antwerp is a hub of activity. Logistics companies naturally have offices in the city, but you will also see companies indirectly related to the port, such as consultancy firms, renting office space there. The Antwerp Maritime Academy and the University of Antwerp are some institutions that contribute to Antwerp's reputation as a knowledge city and provide highly skilled potential employees for your company.

How to rent an office in Antwerp?

To choose a certain area of our website, utilize the search option. You can also contact our office specialists with a search request. Alternatively, you can call our expert directly. In Antwerp, we have the most office space available.

Which are the best districts for renting an office in Antwerp?

The best districts are Het Eilandje, Het Zuid, Zurenborg.