Sublet your office space in 5 steps!

Sublet office space

In today's fast-paced business environment, adaptability and efficiency are the key to success. From cost savings to enhanced flexibility, increased revenue streams, and expanded networking opportunities: these are just a few of the reasons why more and more companies are deciding to sublet their surplus office space.  

Does it sound like your company could benefit from subletting the unused areas of your office space? Read along and discover the reasons, the benefits and the steps to take towards this strategic move! 

Sublet your office space 

Why should you sublet your office space?  

Numerous factors drive companies to consider this strategic move and take the decision to fully or partially sublet their office space. Among these, two reasons stand out. 

If you find yourself with unused office space, whether due to the evolving hybrid and remote working trends, downsizing, or fluctuations in staffing, subletting the surplus areas of your office space will allow you to capitalize on this underutilized asset, transforming it into an additional source of revenue.  

On the other hand, your business may have outgrown the current office space, necessitating a move to a bigger office before the end of the lease agreement. In this scenario, subletting your old space can help offset the costs associated with the transition. 

Unlocking the benefits of subletting office space 

As mentioned, subletting office space offers numerous advantages, the financial gain being one of them. This strategic move will allow you to reduce overhead costs, by sharing them with the subtenants, and strengthen your financial stability.  

Another great benefit is the great flexibility it provides. Considering fully or partially subletting your office space enables you to adjust to the fluctuating needs of your company in terms of space, bypassing the long-term commitment required by traditional lease agreements.  

Finally, subletting office space fosters networking opportunities that can enrich your business ecosystem. Whether it's through formal partnerships, informal collaborations, or simply sharing communal spaces, subletting opens doors to new connections, collaborations and innovation, enhancing the overall dynamism and productivity of your workspace. 

How to sublet office space?  

You are intrigued by the advantages and have pondered potentials risks associated with subletting you space and assuming responsibility for the future subtenant... but how do you actually start the process? Here is our 5-step guide to assist you through this procedure and achieve your goals!  

Step 1: review your rental agreement and inform the landlord 

Before embarking into the process of subletting office space, it is essential to thoroughly review the rental agreement established with the landlord. This step is vital for ensuring compliance with legal obligations and avoiding potential conflicts in the future. 

 By examining the lease agreement meticulously, you can identify any clauses or restrictions related to subletting, including requirements for landlord approval, limitations on sublease duration, and conditions for sharing expenses or profits. It is then essential to inform the landlord about your decision to sublet the office space. can offer valuable guidance and support you throughout this delicate process, by reviewing the rental agreement and sharing with you some useful tips.  

Step 2: promote your space 

After obtaining the landlord's approval, the next step is to promote your office space. By uploading a listing on – including photos, detailed space descriptions, location information, and highlight key features of the space – you will be able to reach a wide audience of businesses and potential subtenants.  

Step 3: find the right sub-tenants 

Needless to say, the next step consists of finding the right subtenant. As an online commercial real estate platform, will help you find the right company to sublet your space. Our platform is designed to give visibility to your premises and connect you with suitable occupants.  

From creating the listing to finalizing the agreements, including Chamber of Commerce and financial assessments of the subtenant, our team of experts is on hand to provide personalized guidance and support throughout the subletting journey. 

Step 4: negotiate the sublease agreement 

Once you have identified the ideal subtenant, the last phase involves negotiating the terms and conditions of the sublease agreement. Start by addressing essential clauses with the potential subtenants, covering aspects such as rental rates, lease duration, maintenance obligations, and usage of shared amenities. Engage in constructive negotiations to achieve terms that are mutually agreeable and meet the requirements and preferences of both parties. 

Step 5: sing the sublease agreement 

Once both parties have come to an agreement, it's important to put the terms into writing with a thorough sublease agreement crafted by legal professionals. This ensures that the terms are clear and legally binding. After ensuring mutual satisfaction with the terms, proceed to sign the sublease agreement! 

Sublet your office space with 

Does it sound like subletting office space is the right next move for your company? Contact our experts today! We'll be happy to guide you through this process and find the perfect tenants for your premises! 

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