Why is the NEN 2580 measurement essential for office spaces?

NEN Measurement of office space

Finding a good office space that suits your company's needs and requirements is sometimes quite a search. You will look at the price, of course, but also at the services, accessibility and the surface area of the office. Therefore, the NEN 2580 measurement is one of the most important tools for comparing different office spaces. In this blog we will provide more information on the NEN 2580 measurement and why it is important.

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What is the NEN 2580 measurement report?

The NEN 2580 is a measurement method that determines the surface area of land and buildings by means of terms, definitions and determination methods in the Netherlands. This report describes various types of surface areas and together they determine the total content and surface area of a building, site or part thereof.

The purpose of this measurement is to improve the comparability of offices and avoid ambiguities. The NEN 2580 measuring certificate guarantees that as a tenant you know for sure that the leased office space does indeed have the surface area stated in the lease.

The NEN 2580 comes from the NEN, a neutral party that develops standards based on elements required by stakeholders. Thanks to the independent position of the NEN, the NEN 2580 measurement certificate for office space is absolutely reliable. With this certificate you know exactly how much office space you are renting, regardless of where in the Netherlands you do business.

For whom is the NEN 2580 office space measurement important?

The NEN 2580 office space measurement is essential for anyone who has an interest in renting or leasing office space. Both tenants and landlords use the NEN 2580 measuring certificate to determine an appropriate rental price.

The value of an office building depends on several factors. The surface of the office space is logically a major factor. That is why the NEN 2580 is fundamental for owners of offices to determine the value of their building. Thanks to the independent measurement by certified NEN 2580 professionals, determining the market value of your office building becomes a lot less complicated.

The NEN 2580 measurement is also used by parties who share office space in a multi-tenant building. Based on the measurement it is very easy to determine how the accommodation costs should be divided among the various users.

Finally, the results of the NEN 2580 office measurement are also relevant for issues concerning the Valuation of Immovable Property Act (WOZ). Objecting to the Real Estate Tax (WOZB) is a lot easier if you have a recent NEN 2580 measurement certificate.

What is included in the NEN 2580 measurement report?

The NEN 2580 measurement report is an extensive report of the measurement results. The measurement report consists of different parts, which we will briefly explain below.

1. Overview

The report begins with an overview of the standards used in the measurement. The first chapter also clarifies which office space was measured and which measurement instruments were used.

2. The NEN 2580 Certificate of Measurement

The second part of the report is the most important: the NEN 2580 measurement certificate. This certificate indicates both the gross floor area (GFA) and the lettable floor area (LFA) in square metres. The surface area of any outdoor space (broken down into covered and uncovered) can also be found here.

Please note: there are two variants of NEN 2580 measurement certificates:

  • NEN 2580 Measurement Certificate - Type A: this certificate has been checked on site
  • NEN 2580 Measurement Certificate - Type B: this certificate has not been checked on site but is issued on the basis of documentation such as construction drawings of the office building.

3. The Measurement State

After the NEN 2580 Certificate of Measurement, the building survey follows. Here, the measurement of the office space is divided into the various floors and offices.

4. Explanatory notes and appendices

The report ends with an extensive explanation of terms and an overview of the relevant appendices. The appendices provide a visual insight into the various building layers.

When do you need a NEN 2580 measurement?

Carrying out a NEN 2580 measurement is a legal obligation as a result of the Buildings Decree. Article 1.1 of the Buildings Decree contains the definitions. This article refers at several points to NEN 2580.

For existing buildings, carrying out a NEN 2580 measurement for office spaces is not yet mandatory. The regulations for offices differ from the regulations for homes. For homes, the use of NEN 2580 has been made mandatory "no later than 2021". In practice, this means that every residence (owned by housing corporations or municipalities) must be registered by 31 December 2021.

Although this requirement does not yet apply to office spaces, a number of large parties have made the use of the standards mandatory for their members. Estate agents such as NVM, LVM and VBO, for example, use the measurement standards. Legal obligation or not, a NEN 2580 office measurement is absolutely indispensable if you want to do business safely. Particularly when entering into a new lease, NEN 2580 provides a solid foundation for negotiations, but also when it comes to rent reviews or distribution issues, you simply cannot do without the objective facts that NEN 2580 guarantees.

How do you request an NEN 2580 measurement report?

Performing a NEN 2580 measurement of office space is reserved for certified measurement specialists. Do you need a NEN 2580 measurement report to determine the surface area of an office? Or would you like to see the NEN 2580 measurement report for a particular office? Feel free to contact our office specialists through chat, which can be found on your bottom right.

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