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Why rent an office through Flexas? Over 2200 office spaces online on Flexas.com
Why rent an office through Flexas? Active in 42 cities throughout Germany
Why rent an office through Flexas? A team of 21 enthusiastic real estate professionals behind the scenes
Why rent an office through Flexas? 822 companies found an office space through Flexas.com in 2019

Flexas.com is the online office mediator that is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The concept is clear: entrepreneurs are looking for office space and landlords want to rent out their offices. Hence our motto: WE LOVE VACANCY! Flexas.com provides the link between both parties. With spaces ranging from 15 m2 up to 10.000 m2, we can offer every company suitable accommodation. Whether you are looking for a serviced office or a regular office space, you will find it with Flexas.com. After becoming the biggest online office platform in the Netherlands we started expanding to other countries. In the year 2017 Flexas.com expanded to Belgium and Germany!

Our History and Foundation

Flexas.com is founded in the year 2010. In a small home office, our CEO started the company that has grown out to become the online market leader in office brokerage. He was able to find a gap in the market and build our service to match that what was missing. On our website you’ll find the perfect office for your company. "The secret to the success of Flexas.com is the highly service-oriented online mediation we provide. Flexas.com is personal. Every inquiry is equal to us and will be handled with that way. Because our team of office space specialist make a selection of the most suitable offices we ensure the most efficiënt search," says Marcel de Groot. The online marketing team is responsible for the online representation of the company. In addition, these specialists ensure that the website remains up-to-date at all times.

Our Team

Our team consists of 21 enthusiastic real estate professionals and we are expanding rapidly and our headquarters is located in Amsterdam. We are very proud of the feedback and ratings we receive. Our service is rated with an 8.9 by our customers. The many positive reviews can be found at The Feedback Company. In particular, our personal approach and quick response result in many positive ratings.

Maximilian Haberbosch

Maximilian Haberbosch Country Manager Germany

Elena Gramlich

Elena Gramlich Real Estate Broker Germany

Marcel de Groot

Marcel de Groot Chief Executive Officer

Demis Bril

Demis Bril Chief Technology Officer

Kaj Jansen

Kaj Jansen Real Estate Professional

Carlos Obdam

Carlos Obdam Digital Advertising Specialist

Colin Westerneng

Colin Westerneng Real Estate Professional

Miquel van Dongen

Miquel van Dongen UX/UI Designer

Michael Henry

Michael Henry Country Manager France

Jorinda Vlaar

Jorinda Vlaar Officemanager

Rick Rosier

Rick Rosier Real Estate Professional

Renato Niola

Renato Niola Developer

Lucas Haiber

Lucas Haiber Real estate professional


Bas van't Hoff Real estate professional

Willem-Jan van Heeswijk

Willem-Jan van Heeswijk Real Estate Professional


Banff Office Dog

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Our Approach and Vision

Flexas.com assists businesses and organizations to find the most suitable office space. We are trying to optimize the website as user friendly as possible. This way, our customers can efficiently find a suitable office and focus on their core business again.

Our mission

It is our mission to help many organizations in finding their perfect office. We do this by providing an optimized website where potential tenants can compare office spaces. We also offer free assistance and we ensure that the tenants can get in touch with the owners or operators of commercial real estate.


Our CEO, Marcel de Groot, is very experienced in the real estate world. Before Flexas.com, he owned an online platform for houses and apartments. After that, he worked at one of the largest real estate funds of the Netherlands. It was during this job that he got the idea to start an online office advisor business and so Nedstone was founded. In 2011, Nedstone adopted Flexas UK and Flexas Netherlands.

The latest news at Flexas.com

As an online office advisor we experience and see a lot of things. We would like to keep you up-to-date. Please read our office blog and/or our social media.

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