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Are you looking for an office space in Munich? can help you find an office in Munich. Munich is the capital of Bavaria and has more than 1.4 million inhabitants. The city was founded in the 12th century and still has beautiful historic buildings such as the Frauenkirch, St. Michael's Church and the Bavarian State Chancellery.

At you will find every kind of office in Munich that you can imagine. From fully-equipped business centers to clean offices that can be customized to meet your needs. Of course you can also only rent a flexible working space. We are happy to assist you in finding the right office.

Why rent an office space in Munich?

Munich is one of the largest cities in Germany. Despite its many inhabitants, this city in the southern German state of Bavaria has a cozy and friendly center. The most popular celebration of the city is the Oktoberfest. In combination with the eventful past and the many historic buildings, Munich is a popular city for many tourists. The Germans themselves like to travel to the city. Many large (and important) cities are accessible from Munich. By train you can reach the Netherlands and Belgium in seven hours and by plane in 1.5 hours only. Switzerland, Austria and East Germany are also directly accessible. In addition, you have already been preceded by many (large) companies. For example, the head office of BMW is located in Munich.


The infrastructure is very well developed. There is a large train station, from which both national and foreign trains leave. Moreover, international and transatlantic flights also depart from Munich. The public transportation network is diverse. Parking is expensive in the city, so the use of public transport is ideal. There are 7 subway lines and dozens of tram lines.

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Why Munich

Popular office areas

Munich has various districts and areas that are very suitable for renting an office. In the historic old town, you will find mostly old buildings with renovated offices. The rents are the highest in this part of the city. In the district of Bogenhausen you will find authentic villas and castles in which both apartments and offices are located.

A typical working-class district is Giesing. The district Nymphenburg is a perfect office location for people outside of Munich. The district borders the A8 and the Mittlerer Ring. Here you will also find the Olympic Park, where the Olympic Games took place in the 70s. In addition, you will find the headquarters of BMW in this district. Maxvorstadt is the art and university neighborhood of Munich. Here you will find cozy offices, many cozy cafes and restaurants.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur there are many advantages to renting an office in Munich. The labor supply is great, due to the presence of many students in the city.


Munich is located in the border triangle with Switzerland and Austria. Italy can also be reached quickly from here. By plane you can travel to Munich in 1.5 hours from Amsterdam and Brussels. Direct train connections exist from Berlin, Frankfurt and Leipzig. From Austria and Switzerland, you can easily travel to the Bavarian capital. Drivers from outside Munich do not have to worry either: The A8 motorway in the direction of Stuttgart and Frankfurt literally passes through Munich.

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Types of offices in Munich

Types of offices in Munich

There are a lot of offices in Munich. Are you looking for a whole building with offices for a large, multinational company or a flexible workspace such as for a freelancer? Everything is possible in this city. For example, there are conventional offices (office buildings or floors), office space in a business center / multi-purpose building, or coworking spaces. At we are happy to assist you in your search for an office space in Munich.

The offer of offices is differentiated. Where the selection in smaller cities is generally limited, management companies in Munich offer the most extensive options.

Information about Munich

Handing over offices in Munich

  • Casco: An empty office
  • Ready for use (High-End): ready to move in after furniture has been arranged
  • Plug & Play (furnished): fully furnished and ready to use

Service Level

  • Conventional: no service - all in your own hands.
  • Community Offices: Premises and services are shared.
  • Business Center or Coworking Space: Full Service


In a Business Center, you can expect the following services:

  • lunch
  • conference room (s)
  • reception
  • Telephone and e-mail service
  • High speed Internet
  • Mail Service
  • Printers and copiers
  • gym
  • etc.