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Our procedure for renting your office

Promote your office on

It is possible to promote your rental office with us through the "Advertise your office" button or by sending an email to We will take a look at the office space and promote/publish it on our website.

Office visit

Once your office is on, we will try our best to generate as many leads (potential tenants) as possible. It is free to get in touch with a potential tenant. When they come for a viewing you can show them around.

Completion and costs

The negotiation of rent conditions are being done directly between yourself and the tenant. Once the rental contract is signed, we charge 10% of the annual rental price. uses a no-cure-no-pay concept. loves vacancy!

Office available?

Are you looking for tenants? We will gladly promote your office for free on our website We are the Real Estate Professional for offices in France and generate many leads everyday.

Direct contact with potential tenants

As an online office platform, we establish direct contact between you and interested tenants. In our first contact with a potential tenant, we ask a many question to establish the needs and budget. Based on these preferences our expert will compile a selection of suitable office spaces. If your office space meets their requirements, we will put you contact with them. can also match you calenders so you can schedule a viewing of the office space.

Office visit

When a potential tenant comes to visit your office, it's between you and them (no third-party intervention). We think this is best because you, as owner of the office space, obviously know best what the possibilities of this office are. Besides, you can negotiate and discuss everything with the future tenant right there and then. During the visits and negotiations, will not be involved. We are a leadgenerator and just there to help select the right offices and facilitate contact between both parties.


Signed the rental contract? Then our job is done. You have a tenant and we would like to receive a copy of the rental contract. Based on this agreement, we create the invoice. This will be 10% of the annual rental price. In case of a long-term rental contract, we charge a half percent per year extra, for each additional year in the rental contract. A long-term rental contract is a contract longer than one year.

That's why you rent on

Frequently Asked Questions: everything you need to know if you want to rent your office via

I have a real estate agent, can I also use the services of by adding my office space to their website?

Yes of course, this is possible. Generally you as a landlord are allowed to find tenants for your own empty office space. However, some real estate agents do charge a fee when they are actively working on finding a tenant.

My office space is also available to rent on other websites, can I still add my office space to

Yes of course. The Internet is a wonderful medium, and everyone uses the internet differently. That is precisely why it is smart to add your office space on multiple websites. That increases the chance of finding new tenants.

Is also present during an office visit between a potential tenant and me?

No, we only facilitate the initial contact, we assist you and the tenant and we act as a source of information. We are not present during an office visit. We believe that it is you as a landlord, that knows the most about the office.

What does no-cure-no-pay mean?

We have faith in our service and therefore we only charge a fee if a rental contract is signed between you and a tenant. Our service is completely free if we don’t find you a tenant.

What are the costs of charges 10% of the annual rental price and a half percent for each additional year in the rental contract. We only charge a fee when the rental contract for the office is signed and you certainly have a tenant.

Can we use ‘For Rent’ signs of

No that is not possible. We entirely work online and generate leads with our website Therefore, we do not have For Rent signs for your office.

Who sets the rental contracts?

In most cases, you, because you as a landlord know best what conditions are important for the contract. However, there are standard downloadable contracts that you can use (you can find these easily by searching in Google).

Who negotiates with potential tenants?

Landlords take care of the negotiations with potential tenants. We are a source of information and assistance. We are not involved in the negotiations and do not function as mediator during this process.