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Office for rent in Brussels. Are you looking for an office in Brussels, you came to the right place at Flexas.com. Here you will find the best range of offices in Brussels. In this city you will find the unique combination of a metropolis that is also the capital of Europe. This makes Brussels an attractive location for all kinds of internationally oriented organizations.

Although the city has such an international character, there is more than enough space available for local and national companies. In fact, they all benefit from the special position of Brussels. More information about renting in Brussels can be found below! Would you rather go directly to our overview of office space in Brussels? Then navigate directly to our overview of offices in Brussels.

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The importance of your office

Your office in Brussels has several important functions for your company and is also one of the most significant costs. So do not underestimate how big of an influence your office has on your operating result and any possible employees. Moreover, your office is the calling card of your company and partly responsible for the image.

Features of an office space

  • A workspace for you and your employees
  • A point of collection and distribution of information around the company
  • Facilitating interaction and creativity.
  • Enlarging your network (in offices where multiple companies are located)
  • A place to receive customers and / or business relations
  • Increasing productivity
  • The importance of a good location

The location can also fulfill a function in various ways. For example, a location in a city like Brussels can help international companies lobby. In Brussels, for example, there are also various universities. This means that a large presence of highly trained staff is available that is constantly growing.

Why Brussels?

Brussels is particularly popular as a city to rent an office in. Many organizations and entrepreneurs want to establish themselves here. Why? Read all about the advantages of renting office space in Brussels.

European capital

Brussels has a unique advantage that no other city in Europe has. It is the unofficial capital of Europe. For decades, several European institutions have been established in the city. For example, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union, the European Council and the European Parliament have all been established in Brussels. This is particularly interesting for internationally oriented organizations. But if your company has a national focus, there is a good chance that you will also benefit from this. Since the many large organizations that come here also attract smaller organizations. This ensures an excellent economic climate for everyone!

Brussels is the place where decision-making bodies meet and therefore also the place where they can be influenced. Companies that want to establish, invest or lobby in the city can count on the guidance of professionals.

Large body of well-trained staff

Brussels offers entrepreneurs a large group of potential employees. The demand for a job here is currently greater than the supply, so that you as a company will have a lot of choice between applicants. In addition, there are of course several universities in Brussels that train smart students. Of course, organizations like yours will benefit enormously from this!

Accessibility of Brussels

Brussels is in a very favorable central location in Belgium and Europe. Antwerp can be reached by motorway in 45 minutes. Around Brussels there is an extensive network of motorways and train connections, making it easy to travel to other locations in Belgium or beyond. The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France can also be reached relatively quickly. In addition, there are two airports around Brussels, Brussels Airport and Charleroi Airport. Brussels Airport is the largest airport in Belgium and has a fast direct connection to the city.

Transportation within the city

The transportation system within Brussels can also be qualified as excellent. Of course there is a lot of traffic in the city, but when you plan your route smartly, driving with the car is not very time-consuming. It might be better to travel by public transport or take a bicycle. The bike is on the rise in Brussels and the city is getting better equipped for bikes. The public transport network in Brussels consists of buses, trains, trams and metros.

Types of offices

Different types of offices that are for rent in Brussels

The range of available offices in Brussels is as you would expect from a real metropolis: very diverse. Whether you are looking for an entire property for a large company / multinational or a flexible workplace in the center of Brussels: we are happy to help you find the most suitable office space. You can choose from a variety of offices in Brussels. For example, there are conventional (office buildings or floors) offices, office space in a business center / multi-company building or single work places in co-working spaces.

There is also a strong variation in the delivery levels and the services offered in these offices and workplaces. Where the choice in smaller cities is generally more limited, landlords in Brussels offer the most extensive options.


Rent immediately in Brussels?

Brussels is a fantastic city to establish your organization. Are you looking for an office or workplace in the short term or immediately? No problem! Flexas.com puts you in touch with the landlords who have immediate availability and where you can often start working the same day.

This is mainly possible in business centers and office concepts with co-working spaces.

General information about Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region may well be a business center and a center of European institutions, but it is also an ideal city to live in. In particular, the quality of life, cost of living, accessibility and multilingualism play a major role here. In addition, the many green areas and great cultural and social diversity are something that residents and visitors particularly appreciate. Brussels breathes an international atmosphere and is open to all kinds of different cultures.

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and, as is often the case with capitals, the largest city in Belgium. The city is part of the Brussels-Capital Region. Respectively, Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region have around 180,000 and 1.2 million inhabitants. The city is a real metropolis and therefore has all the important facilities that you would expect. The city has also grown very fast in recent years, which has been cause for the usual things we have seen from other world cities. Busy on the roads, a shortage of living and working space and a lot of tourism.

Brussels has existed for more than a thousand years and has many both new and old buildings that are very impressive. The old city center is the most popular. But Brussels does not solely consist of buildings, there are also beautiful streets, parks and squares. Here you have the possibility to shop extensively or enjoy the culinary delights in one of the exuberant restaurants and cafés.

Brussels actually has two faces. There are of course the enormous flats and modern buildings. That is a strong contrast compared to the historic buildings and old architecture. A lot is being done to preserve this character and the more small-scale feeling of Brussels.

Delivery levels

  • Shell: A very bare office where a lot still needs to be done.
  • Fully (high-end) completed: Can be occupied immediately after furnishing
  • Plug & Play (furnished): Fully furnished and ready to be used right away

Service levels

  • Conventional: no service offered, you manage everything yourself
  • Multi company building: a limited amount of services and spaces are shared
  • Business center or office concept and co-working space: full service concepts with two choices, fully serviced and all-inclusive or pay “as you go” for the services that you use.


Do you opt for an office space with many services? In most cases you can expect the following:

  • Lunch
  • Meeting room(s)
  • Reception desk
  • Phone and e-mail service
  • Internet
  • Postal service
  • Copy and print
  • Sports facilities
  • Dry cleaning
  • Day care
  • Shoemaker
  • Et cetera