10 Quick Time Management Tips You Need to Know in 2024!


What is time management?

An approach for spending your time more wisely is time management. Take care of the most urgent and essential things first, followed by those that are less urgent but are nonetheless significant. This applies to both your professional and personal responsibilities. In this blog we’ll try to figure out the top ten time management tips that could help a person to stop procrastinating and wasting time:  

10 key time management tips

1. Prioritize your chores and set attainable goals

No amount of time management will be able to help you finish everything if you have a lot on your plate. You can now determine if you simply need to manage your time more effectively or whether you have too much on your plate.  

You may prioritize by classifying your tasks into one of four groups:  

  • Do: The vital and urgent tasks.  
  • Defer: Important but not urgent tasks.  
  • Delegate: Important but not urgent tasks.  
  • Delete: Activities that are neither critical nor urgent.  

2. Use the 80-20 Rule

80% of the output is often resulted from just 20% of its inputs, according to Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who developed the 80-20 rule, commonly known as the Pareto Principle. The 80-20 rule applies to multiple different areas. 

When testing out his theory Vilfredo Pareto found out that 80% of the wealth in Italy was owned by 20% of the people. This theory also applied on business problems, Vilfredo helped businesses with 80% of business problems by solving 20% of all possible sources of error. Utilize this information to your advantage and learn more about the activities that make up the remaining 20%.  

3. Apply the Swiss cheese technique

Alan Lakein created the ‘Swiss cheese approach’. This proposes that the best way to deal with big tasks is to divide huge undertakings into more manageable jobs or time chunks. You can reduce the project's intimidating nature and increase the likelihood that it will be done on time by performing a single, modest job or a 15-minute time block.  

4. Add a Done List

No matter how carefully you prepare, unforeseen chores will inevitably arise throughout the day. To feel more accomplished at the end of the day, put them separately next to your to-dos. If you make a done list, you will not spend any time doubting if you have already finished a certain task. 

5. Plan rest periods in between activities

The human brain goes through basic rest-activity cycles during both awake and sleeping hours. Every 90 minutes, the brain alternates between states of higher and lower awareness. We start to use our emergency energy stores to keep going after exerting ourselves vigorously for over 90 minutes. 

6. Schedule time for yourself

Any task or discussion that is crucial to your achievement should have a designated time. The length of to-do lists increases to the point that they become unmanageable. Set aside time for your high-priority ideas, talks, and activities, and schedule meetings with yourself. Plan when they will start and finish. Be disciplined enough to remember these appointments.  

7. Set SMART goals

Knowing what you want and why you want it is the first step in improving your time management. Establish SMART goals that are precise, quantifiable, reachable, pertinent, and timely. Establishing your weekly and daily priorities is considerably simpler if your long-term objectives are defined.  

To make good SMART goals every single factor of SMART should be used. A good SMART goal needs to be: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. Working with SMART goals can help you and your team understand the goal and can help with understanding the process to achieving the goal. 

8. Understand how to control distractions

Distractions are the biggest productivity saboteurs. It is disastrous for productivity to respond to every interruption or distraction from your surroundings. Since every time you are stopped, it takes five, ten, thirty, or even more, minutes to get back into a productive state.  

Examples of such distractions:  

  • Email/Meetings  
  • Social media  
  • Texting immediately  
  • Entertainment   
  • Smartphones   

Eliminating distractions before they have a chance to cause you to lose focus is by far the greatest suggestion for coping with them. You must outwit all the interruptions and diversions. This is one of the best time management tips someone can get. Someone who knows how to control distractions, can spend time very effective. 

9. Measure

Make sure to keep track of the time spent on each work so you can enhance your time management with the aid of accurate time monitoring reports. One of the finest methods to enhance your time management is by using an excellent time tracker. Some excellent time trackers: 

  • Google calendar 
  • Microsoft planner 
  • Teamwork 

Want to know tools that will help you spend your time more productive? Take a look at our blog: Top 10 office manager tools that help to be more productive. 

10. Turn on the focusing regime

Turn off your email notification first and foremost. Instead of checking your email every 15 minutes, schedule 30-minute chunks to do so every couple of hours. Be careful not to get distracted by anything other than work, such as your phone, social media, or your preferred online retailer.   

Ensure that your phone and other tech tools are productively tuned. Limit the number of apps you run, arrange your directories very well, and check for spyware. Purchase the fastest PC you can manage. If you pick up all these time management tips, there is no doubt that you will spend your time in a more productive and efficient way. 

10 Time Management Tips That Work: Conclusion

In conclusion, learning and mastering time management skills are crucial for leading a healthy lifestyle. You may avoid stress and complete your work/tasks on time and at a high standard by managing your time well. But keep in mind that after you realize that you're in charge of your time, you can be in control and achieve any of your goals. 

We from Flexas.com hope you learned from these time management tips and we also hope that you will now spend your time more productive and more efficient.  

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