Main coworking statistics you need to know in 2024


What is coworking space? In exchange for using a shared workplace, you can pay a monthly fee to utilize a coworking space, which is a shared professional-style workstation. Coworking spaces frequently promote community, host networking events, and provide perfect solutions for small businesses, start-ups, or remote employees like freelancers. 

Are you seeking for the most recent coworking spaces statistics? We've gathered 20 of the most eye-opening coworking stats in 2024 to help you fully comprehend the situation of coworking spaces and their position in the world nowadays. 

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How many coworking spaces are there in the world ? 

Around the world, there are over 35,000 coworking spaces. In London alone there are over 1,400 coworking spaces!

Source: Statista , Gitnux

By the end of 2024, coworking spaces are anticipated to number 41,975. That is an annual growth rate of about 21.3%.

Source: Statista, Coworking Insights 



With an estimated 148 coworking operators, Europe has roughly 6,850 coworking spaces. The expected yearly growth rate for coworking spaces in Europe is 4.7%

Source: Statista 



According to the prediction and study for 2021–2025, the market for coworking spaces would increase by $13.35 billion, or 11% annually

Source: GlobeNewswire 

Globally, 30% of coworking businesses reported profits, 41% reported losses, and 29% reported neither profits nor losses. 

Source: DeskMag 



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Is there a COVID-19 impact on coworkings? 

The pandemic forced the closure of 21.76% of spaces. 

Source: Shortlister 

Since the start of the pandemic, 71.67% of locations reported a considerable drop in the number of individuals using their coworking space for work. 

Source: Shortlister 



How many people use co working spaces? 

Coworking spaces are used by more than two million individuals worldwide. 

Source: Shortlister 

By 2024, it is anticipated that five million individuals would be using coworking spaces, according to coworking data. 

Source: Shortlister 

In the past five years, there has been a 44% increase in the number of persons working remotely. 

Source: Apnews 



Why is coworking so popular? 

89% of participants reported feeling better after joining a coworking space. 

Source: TeamStage 

Isolation and loneliness are among the major obstacles of working remotely, according to 47% of remote employees globally.  

Source: Zippia 

69% of coworking space users claimed to have picked up new skills there. 

Source: Zippia 



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Who uses coworking spaces the most? 

Freelancers make about 42% of coworking space members worldwide. 

Source: Zippia 

The IT industry employs 20% of those working in coworking spaces.  

Source: Zippia 



Coworking typically has 40% - 45% of women as members, while 50% - 55% of coworking spaces are occupied by men. 

Source: Propques 

The average age of those who use coworking spaces is 30 - 39. The average age for men is 35, and 30 for women. 

Source: Propques 

62% of millennials use coworking spaces. 

Source: Shortlister 



Coworking statistics conclusion 

All employees these days are very concerned about their physical and mental wellness. According to above mentioned coworking stats, these spaces have a lot to offer when it comes to a productive and happier alternative to working with people.

As organizations strive to resume in-person work, coworking is merely waiting to be accepted as the future of work. Teams may adapt to a new way of working that focuses on a healthy workforce through virtual offices, coworking access cards, and hybrid workplaces. 

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