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You want to rent an office in Paris? It's the ideal choice! Indeed, the city of Paris is the ideal place for entrepreneurs and their companies. Also known as the City of Light, Paris enjoys a thriving economy within one of the world's greatest powers. At, we are at your service to help you find the ideal offices for your business, from the type of space to the size of offices you need. Below you will find all the information you need to make the best choice of offices in the capital.

Visit and compare our wide selection of offices in Paris. Whatever your wish, at Flexas, we ensure that you will find the best choice of office for your company. From empty workspaces to ultra-modern business centers, from a simple office, a sublease or a place in a very "in" coworking space, we have everything you need. And best of all, our services for tenants are completly free an Flexas has a dedicated broker for Paris. This means we can help you find the most suitable office space in Paris.

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Why Paris?

Why rent in Paris?

France is one of the world's largest economies and a leader in the heart of Europe, sharing its borders with six countries of the Union. The leaders of France are constantly seeking to link the future of France to the development of the European Union. Paris being the capital of France benefits from a beautiful economy due to its entrepreneurial climate.

As working methods increasingly evolve towards mobility, the offer of all-inclusive furnished offices and "Plug and Play" is booming in the capital, thus responding to growing demand.

Fashion capital, the city is the cradle of luxury houses and offers the best restaurants in the world. This is why it attracts more than 16 million visitors by making it a world showcase of France and its knowledge. In addition to being the economic and administrative capital of France, Paris is also the entrepreneurial capital of France where a whole pool of startups and innovative scale-ups thrive; all this stimulated by a pro-entrepreneur government.

We help you find your ideal office equals expertise in workspace. More than just offices, we offer solutions thanks to our platform offering one of the widest choices of premises, allowing you to find the ideal space for your company.

Do you need advice on finding your future offices? is a team of experts who will support you throughout your project. We are pleased to offer you a wide range of products that meet your requirements. We can also arrange visits to the areas that interest you. We give you all the tools you need to make the right decisions that will determine your future workplace.

In a context where the offer of offices for rent in Paris and the Paris region is constantly evolving, Flexas helps you to obtain the space that is right for you in the capital. Indeed, in recent years, vacancy rates in the Paris regions have been falling while rents have been rising. Our experts will be able to assist you as best as possible in order to offer you the offer that best meets your needs and will inform you on everything you need to consider for a better installation of your workspaces in Paris, from the choice of your workspaces to the details of the service costs to be expected.

In 2019, the vacancy rate of office buildings in Paris was 5.9%, which led to a sharp increase in coworking offers and flexible workspaces. In France, more than 80% of employees working in coworking areas are satisfied, and 80% of those working in shared offices are convinced. However, a private office of one person is still the preference of a large part of the population.

There are several advantages to setting up in a shared workspace it is obviously a solution that comes at a lower cost, moreover it is the best way to develop the sense of teamwork in the company with a more fluid communication. It is in this kind of space that you will be able to meet the best professional people with ease.

On we will be able to advise you and offer you the best workspace whether you want a traditional closed office or you want to embark on the new adventure of the shared workspace.

Populair locations

Popular office locations in Paris

Popular office locations can be found all over the city of light. Including La Defense, the largest purpose-built business district in Europe, located in the west of Paris. If you're looking for more traditional offices, the 9th arrondissement offers just that. The same goes for 8th arrondissement with the famous Champs-Élysées where the Arc de Triomphe is located. Boulogne-Billancourt is the most densely populated municipalities of Europe. Formerly this neighbourhood was an important industrial site and has successfully been reconverted into a dynamic business area thriving with office spaces.

Another sought-after location is the area around Gare de Lyon in the 12th arrondissement. Built around the train station Gare de Lyon, this district offers fantastic public transport and rail links. The 16th arrondissement is an exclusive residential area and at the same time it's home to numerous embassies as well as the Parc des Princes, home to the Paris Saint-Germain football club.

Types of offices

Paris has a diverse range of office spaces. Exactly what you would expect from a thriving metropolis. gladly helps you find the perfect office ranging from a single workplace in the centre of Paris to office space over several floors. You can choose from a variety of offices in Paris: single work stations in a coworking space all the way to whole floors in a conventional office building. So, whether you’re looking for a full serviced office or an office with your own facilities: we can help!

The municipality of Paris will support you

Following Macron’s promise to make France a start-up nation, Paris seems ready to compete with Silicon Valley as a hub for entrepreneurs. The city’s council constantly helps SMEs with the introduction of the 'auto-entrepreneur' status; making it easier to create a new business in France. Offering tax breaks and a more streamlined company registration process making Paris home for exciting start-ups.

Great connectivity to the rest of Europe

Paris has five national railway stations and two suburban railways stations, putting itself at the centre of all public transport in France. The railway system provides Paris with a great connection to Brussels with up to 16 daily departures. The railway also connects the city to London, Cologne, Amsterdam and of course many different cities within France.

Where to rent in Paris?

Today, Paris is officially composed of 20 districts, all more different from each other in their atmosphere, lifestyle and all kinds of different compies that are renting offices in specific districts.

So, hereunder we explain how do you know which borough best suits your company?

The first arrondissement

otherwise known as the arrondissement du Louvre, is considered one of the most historic arrondissements in Paris. It includes the Halles district, one of the oldest districts in the city. It is here that you will find the Louvre Museum, Place Vendôme or the Palais Royal. You will find many tourists in this area and the traffic is quitte busy. This could make it hard for your customers to reach your office by car. On the other hand the public transportation will is well equiped to transport your customer to your office or business center. There are not many office here, but the there are will come at very high price. This is most expensive district of all. Many financials and the head office of Renault and Citroen all in this neighbourghood.

The second arrondissement

or stock exchange, is the smallest arrondissement in Paris, but it is no less interesting. The latter includes the Paris Stock Exchange or the famous rue de la Paix parfait to shop in the biggest stores after work hours. This borough, due to its economic dynamism and being well served, is an ideal place to rent an office. This is where you will find "le sentier", an innovation district that extends to the 9th arrondissement.

The third district

in other words the temple district, is a more residential district located mainly in the marsh. It has several hotels and buildings with typical charm. The area is considered quiet although it has a rather lively nightlife. This borough is home to the large collection of works of art by the famous Pablo Picasso in the museum named after him. The Republic district is particularly popular with companies for these offices, because of its accessibility, which is considered the best served district in the city.

The fourth arrondissement

also known as the arrondissement de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, is one of the most touristy in Paris. This is due to the many squares and monuments that are part of the heart of French history. We find the Place des Vosges, the oldest square in Paris, but also the famous Notre Dame de Paris cathedral and the Centre Pompidou. The area is full of life with lots of restaurants and bars where you can relax after work or meet your colleagues elsewhere than in your workspace.

The fifth district

also known as the Pantheon, is the oldest in the city. Considered as a tourist district, today it is seen as a university and intellectual district. It thus has a large student population, including the Sorbonne, Louis-le-Grand and Henri-IV high schools. You may find your future colleagues or collaborators there. Being the students' domain, the area is full of life with several bars and restaurants that are as lively during the day as at night.

The sixth arrondissement

also known as Luxembourg, is a comfortable district full of history. It is a place that includes several cafés and antiques store but also a place of fashion and famous brands. You will find the famous Luxembourg garden, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. But also relax in legendary cafés. The district is home to the oldest church in Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The seventh arrondissement

or the arrondissement of Palais-Bourbon, is one of the least populated but with many prestigious monuments. You will of course find the famous Eiffel Tower, which is no longer presented as the main symbol of Paris. The districts of the seventh are considered wealthy and thus called the "beautiful districts". In this district you can find the famous Champs-de-Mars or the Musée d'Orsay. But you can also see the Military Academy or the Dôme-des-Invalides and the National Assembly. An ideal place to rent your offices.

The eighth arrondissement

called the arrondissement de l'Élysée. It is a tourist place but also the residence of the upper middle class. It is a major district of Paris and you will find many of its mythical places to see, including the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées, home to the biggest stores, but also the Arc de Triomphe and the Palais de l'Élysée, the President's residence. It is a sparsely populated area where many companies rent their offices in the famous Golden Triangle.

The ninth arrondissement

named after the Opéra, is one of the most cultural districts in Paris but also one of the most popular for companies, the rental of your offices can be done in the innovation district on the path. There is the famous Opéra Garnier but also several theatres and museums. You can shop at Galeries Lafayette or visit the Musée Grévin. Its nightlife is one of the most famous with its many restaurants, bars and of course the famous Moulin Rouge where you will find many visitors. The ninth arrondissement will surprise you with its many contrasting faces.

The tenth arrondissement

also known as the Entrepôt, is the most accessible in Paris because it is one of the best served. You can reach it by train from the East Station or the North Station. The borough is crossed by the Saint-Martin canal, which is ideal for a stroll or to spend the afternoon there. You can also visit Saint Vincent de Paul, considered one of the last classical churches in Paris. You can relax in several cafés in the district.

The eleventh arrondissement

also known as Popincourt, where you will find the famous Place de la Bastille or Place de la République. It is one of the most densely populated areas of the capital. It is particularly famous for its nightlife with its many theatres and concert halls, including the Bataclan. Known as a discreet district of the capital, it plays an important role in the history of France.

The twelfth arrondissement

otherwise known as the arrondissement of Reuilly, is a popular place among young Parisians. This district is not populated by many monuments but is very popular for working and living there. It is ideal for the calm it has to offer and for the famous Bois de Vincennes, the largest park in Paris. The Gare de Lyon district attracts a lot of companies by its ideal accessibility.

The thirteenth district

known as the Gobelins district. Today known for its large Chinese population, the district, although not very touristy, still attracts many visitors with its National Library, known as the François-Mitterrand Library. Due to the presence of many high-rise and newly built residential buildings, the district has an original urban design in the capital.

The fourteenth arrondissement

known as the Observatory, includes the famous Montparnasse district, considered to be the artistic and intellectual heart of France in the 1920s and 1930s, where several companies were seeking to set up their offices. Not very touristy due to its lack of monument it still attracts attention and intrigues the most courageous with its catacombs. This observatory name comes from its 1667 observatory. Here you can find the International University City, which makes its night life very lively.

The fifteenth arrondissement

otherwise known as Vaugirard, is the most residential and the most populated. It is not the most touristic district, however, several jobs are created and there are also several offices and buildings. It is here that you can see the Montparnasse tower or the Exhibition Centre, the largest event venue in Paris.

The sixteenth arrondissement

or Passy, is probably the most prestigious residential area in Paris with the highest rents. If you are looking for tranquility, security and a beautiful Haussmann architecture for your offices, this is the perfect place for you. Far from being a tourist place, the district is still visited with the Trocadero or Diana's flame. It is also known for its sports facilities such as the Roland-Garros stadium or the Parc des Princes.

The seventeenth arrondissement

also known as Batignolles-Monceau, is one of the least visited districts in Paris. And yet it is a place where you can admire the urban greenery in the Parc de Monceau or even beautiful hotels and manor houses. Life is very calm, allowing you to concentrate as best you can on your activities in complete serenity.

The eighteenth arrondissement

otherwise known as the arrondissement des Buttes-Montmartre, is known in particular for the old painters' quarter with its narrow streets that reflect the image of the former village of Montmartre. You will find the Place du Tertre et du Sacré Coeur and if you are brave enough for the stairs you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Paris. Despite its authentic character, the district still has a rather lively nightlife.

The nineteenth arrondissement

nicknamed the Buttes-Chaumont arrondissement, is one of the least visited parts of Paris. In this district you can experience a normal life in Paris. You can watch it on a boat trip on the Saint-Martin canal or relax in the Parc de la Villette.

The twentieth arrondissement

or Ménilmontant, is the last officially recognized arrondissement in Paris and one of the least visited. It is a lively, lively, popular district. It is characterised in particular by a very large number of theatres and cafés-theatres.

La Défense the 21st arrondissement of Paris?

The La Défense business district, considered the second most important business district in Europe, is located in the north-west suburbs of Paris on the outskirts of the seventeenth arrondissement.

The district is modern and consists of large buildings and buildings that are the work of artists where more than 2500 companies have an office, or about 180,000 employees.

You will find the CNIT congress centre with underground parking for easy access to the area, but you can also easily get there by metro.


Located in the southwest of Paris, it is a real economic centre housing a dozen thousand companies, which makes it the leading urban centre in the region after Paris. The city is well served and has managed to combine strong urbanization with the conservation of green space with many parks and gardens that brighten up the city.


Located directly to the northwest of Paris, this city is considered to be the richest residential area. You will also find several head offices of large French or international companies. It is a very beautiful city with a typical landscape with several Haussmann buildings. It is also a particularly secure place where you can move around without fear but where the price for office rental is particularly high.