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The Free Online Real Estate Broker for Office Space in Amsterdam

Looking for office space? Then you've come to the right place at We are the largest online platform for offices in the Netherlands and are happy to help you find the perfect office space. Of course you can search yourself, but it is also possible to leave your search question directly behind. Then one of our colleagues will contact you. Finding office space has never been easier! Read below how it works!

How does it work?

Unlike a traditional business broker in Amsterdam, you have roughly two choices. Searching for it yourself or together with your personal office space specialist. These are assigned to you immediately when you leave a search query at

1. Receive a personal shortlist of offices

You can compare office space on and compile a shortlist yourself, or you can directly call in one of our specialists. He or she will compile a selection of suitable office space based on your criteria. Together you will make a final selection.

2. View

We will then schedule a visit to these offices. We do this as efficiently as possible, for example in one half day. You and the landlord of each office will then walk around the building to see if it is suitable. The landlord will then tell you the exact conditions, possibilities and costs of the office space.

3. Choosing and negotiating

If you know which office suits your company best, you can ask the landlord for a proposal. In most cases, this proposal is still subject to negotiation. Depending on the duration of the rental agreement and what you purchase further, the rent will vary per square meter. Do you rent for a longer term? Then the rent per square metre will decrease. You can also contact your personal office space specialist at for questions about negotiations, rents and other additional matters.

4. Renting office space

Are you out with the landlord? Then it's time to move and move into your new office. After some time we will contact you again to check if you like everything and hope to be of service again in the next search.

5. Will there still be an invoice?

No, the services of are completely free for tenants. In contrast to traditional business brokers in Amsterdam, where you often pay the main price for their assistance. The landlord pays a percentage of the total annual rent to us. Is renting an office therefore more expensive? No, in some cases even cheaper. Landlords who know that you come via also know that you are probably looking at several office spaces. So they have competition and have to come up with a competitive rent.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Amsterdam? No,!

Does a commercial agent in Amsterdam have any other advantages? We don't think so. You will receive free personal advice of a high level. No business agent in Amsterdam can compete with that.

The alternative to the more expensive commercial real estate broker in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a commercial real estate broker in Amsterdam? Then we at can probably help you too. We help entrepreneurs and their companies to find the perfect office space. Moreover, we do this completely for free! Does this sound interesting? Then quickly read on, leave your details and/or search our extensive range of offices in Amsterdam.

What is The Airbnb of office spaces is an online platform with offices. You can compare us to Airbnb, but for the office market. Through our website you can easily find your own office space or you can use one of our office space specialists to help you in your search. We only offer offices for rent, the offices we offer are not for sale. If you are looking for an office to rent, you've come to the right place! Finding an office space has never been easier.

Larger offer than the commercial real estate brokers in Amsterdam is the online specialist in offices. Almost all landlords in Amsterdam are affiliated with This enables us to independently advise you on the best office space for your company. The average commercial real estate broker in Amsterdam usually has a very limited offer and of course only has an advantage if you rent within their offer. That's another reason why you choose instead of a business agent in Amsterdam. offers almost every office in Amsterdam.